Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today's hukum, a perfect medicine for getting rid of pain, suffering, and obtaining peace, treasure, prosperity and mukti!

While this stupid mind of mine wanders all the time, in all directions, aimlessly, selfishly but reading today's hukum helps it focus, at least for now till the real day starts.  Then back to all the stupid stuff like desire, greed, anger, attachment, ego which is the cause of all the pains, suffering and problems.  Enjoy anyways before going back to the daily chores and routines!

Today's beautiful hukum from Sri Guru Granth Sahib on page 832:

You can also listen to the hukum at Sikhnet:


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life's next journey begins!

Punjab Trip - October 2012

 I just got back after spending three weeks in Punjab. This trip was exceptionally great because I got to meet old friends and catch up with their lives after 29 years.   I just can not appreciate and be thankful enough to Satguru for listening to my ardas and bringing me to this juncture of life where I was able to find a little more meaning to life by meeting old friends, sharing old memories, pains, sorrows, joys and laughter. The way things had been for the last 4-5 years, I thought someone had completely sucked cheer, peace and happiness out of my life.  I know life ahead may not be rosy and there may be turbulences here and there, but somehow with Guru's support, I feel I can keep moving no matter what life brings in future and what path is given to walk on.  The last few years have been really rough and tough and many times it felt as if I was walking on a lose rope that could snap or shake me off balance which I have been trying so hard to keep. There seemed to be no light at the end of this long dark tunnel but somehow with Guru's kirpa, after this last trip, it feels as if Guruji seemed to have taken pity on me, keeps holding my hand even though I haven't been that good of a Sikh and has rejuvinated me with a new energy and confidence that ultimately the right path will be shown and things will just work out fine.  Funny things is that it is not money or health but more to do with family.  I have been advised by a friend to grab on to this rope instead of walking on it.  I am willing to do that but I would need someone to pull or push me to cross over.  This is where Gurbani could help.  There were times in last few years when at times it felt like there was no support except for Guru's words which was the only thing that brought peace of mind, comfort and uplifted me out of this wordly pit.  At times I wonder how useless and dull life would be if I wasn't engaging with Guru's words time and time again for support, encouragement and upliftment.  I want to admit I still haven't figured out how to discipline myself in doing daily nitnem, but I do know that whenever I feel thirsty, Guru Granth Sahib is the place to go for quenching this thirst and bringing this feeling of fullfilment.

The following shabad (eho kaaj tum aap kio) on page 382 rings so true now and feels uplifting:

You can listen to this shabad at the link below, just go under "e" for Eho