Saturday, August 21, 2010

What is life anyways? Life passing away yet why am I still stuck in duality!

They say life is short
They say life is love
They say life is an illusion
They say life is a drama
They say life is good
They say life is just a dream
They say life is real
They say life is happiness
They say life is a sarifice
They say life is a duty
They say life is service
For some life is a beautiful blessing
Then why for some life just sucks
So what is it for me?
I really don't know
At times it is prayer
At times it is seva
At times it is duty
At times it is love
At times it is dedication
At times is is duality
At times it even sucks
At times it is blessing
When would this all stop?
When would it fall at the feet of the Guru?
Not "at times" but "all the times"
I don't want the duality
I don't want the misery
I don't want the bravery
I don't want the ego
I don't want the money
I don't want the duty
I don't want the hate
I don't want the anger
I don't want, I don't want anything
but why this attachment?
Living with family yet not living
Working at a job, yet not working
Going to the Gurdwara, yet not praying
O God! Please help me. I don't want this duality.
Life is passing away,
yet miles to go
many things to do
more money to make
more people to see
more words to speak
more thoughts to write
why why why?
O my mind, please accept His Hukum
Let go of it all.
This is life you fool.
When would it learn
When would it accept
His will is so sweet, yet you act so spoiled.
Name is Manjit, yet feel like "Manhaar"
Keep Up and Keep Going!