Monday, September 24, 2012

What is on your plate?

I just ran into this article about GMO's and their effects on human health. Thye have my "yes" vote on Prop 37.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gunda Raj of Jagdish Tytler inciting Indian mob! Let us see if justice comes to a Hindu women while Sikhs still wait for Jagdish Tytler to get charged since 1984!.

Look at these bastard goons of politicians dragging a woman, and that too a Police officer in Indian Police.  She is frightened to her death and sadly looking at the picture it seems that she may have urinated with the fear.  I hope these bastards go to jail and Tytler is hanged.  But I know it won't happen.  These bastards have no care of any sisters, mothers and daughters and must not have their own to treat a woman like this.  Same thing happened to Sikh men, women and children in 1984 and no one got charged.  This bastard Tytler got plump posts in Congress and has been running free all these years.  So much for so called "Indian democrazy". My thoughts and prayers for her family and I hope justice is served in this case.

The Congress today said it was sorry for the assault on a woman constable during its rally here as the name of AICC in-charge of Odisha Jagadish Tytler came up.

Narrating her experience, the woman constable said, "About 30 to 40 youths attacked me, showered blows, kicked me from back as soon as Jagdish Tytler called on party workers to break the barricade."

Defending Tytler, Congress Chief Whip Prasad Harichandan said that Tytler had asked the partymen to come forward for jail bharo.

"I do not think calling upon partymen to court arrest is any crime or instigation," the Congress Chief Whip said.

"This is an unfortunate incident. We are sorry for the assault on the lady constable. Women police should not be deployed at the forefront. We demand action against senior police officers responsible for deployment of women at sensitive places," he said after party MLAs boycotted the assembly.
Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh of Congress sought to give a different spin saying "All people present at the rally were not Congress activists. Some people, who are angry over the BJD government's misrule, may have assaulted the woman constable."

Tytler, on the other hand, told a news channel that it was wrong to assault a woman. "There is a bid to defame us in public. The incident has proved that Naveen Patnaik is incapable of giving good governance."

Admitting that the woman constable was manhandled at yesterday's rally, Harichandan said "One must thank Congress workers who saved her."

Senior BJD MLA Pradip Maharathy demanded arrest of Tytler for attempting to create a '1984 Sikh riot like situation here'.

"I can produce evidence of Tytler instigating people at the rally," he said.

BJD women's wing president Pramila Mallick, who met the lady constable in hospital demanded Tytler's arrest for instigating the mob to attack women security personal.

"We will stage a dharna tomorrow demanding arrest of the persons responsible for attack on the lady constable and other policemen," Mallick said.

BJP Legislature Party Leader K V Singhdeo said: "If any leader who used provocative words which instigated the people, needs to be booked."

Meanwhile, the Odisha Human Rights Commission issued notice to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar, to submit a report on the attack on the constable.

A Congress delegation also met Governor M C Bhandare demanding a judicial injury into the episode.
Emerging story. Watch this space for updates as more details come in
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zinday Shaheed - Living Martyrs

What is a sacrifice?
Who is a shaheed?
Zinday Shaheed Zindabaad!
So many brothers
So many sisters
So many daughters

So many sons
So many fathers

So many mothers
Every day, every moment
Every faith, every place
Doing their duty
Doing their deeds
Doing their worship
Doing their service
Sacrifice life for seva
Sacrifice life for simran
Sacrifice life for others
Sacrifice seeking truth
Sacrifice seeking peace
Sacrifice seeking justice
Sacrifice seeking freedom
Shaheedi thru learning
Shaheedi thru teaching

Shaheedi thru living
As much for dying
Many have gone
Many will come
The real Khalsay, the Amar shaheed!