Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Why do Sikhs and Punjabis cater so much to Royals, Celebrities and Politicians?

As I was reading the following news about Prince Charles visiting Punjab, a lot of questions go thru my mind about the visit. Keeping in mind the history, political relationship of British royals with Maharaja Ranjit Singh in Punjab from the mid 1800’s, I view any closeness of Indian Royals and British Royals with lot of suspicion. Sometimes I look back at history, and I wonder why Sikhs lost the first and the second war with the British. The first thing that comes to mind is the weakness, shallowness and greed among the Indian royals including Maharaja Ranjit Singh. If Maharaja Ranjit Singh had held to the true Khalsa ideals as laid out by Guru Gobind Singh, Sikhs would not have lost. To me, he kind of betrayed the Khalsa Sikhs and Guru Gobind Singh by entrusting top positions to foreigners, declaring himself a Maharaja, going into marriage alliances with other royals and finally not trusting his own Khalsa Sikhs for top posts. To me, he kind of betrayed the Sikh forces that put him where he was as a Maharaja. It bothers me every time I hear or see Ranjit Singh being praised or portrayed for being a great Sikh. Thoughts of thousands of Sikh men, women come to mind who fought for him and trusted him for their lives, welfare and leadership. He kind of failed them all. Sadly same thoughts and conclusions come to mind when I hear Amrinder Singh getting too close to royals and acting like a maharaja. I ask, how can a person be truly a Sikh if he or she is tied up in this royalty and treat other Sikhs lower or less. If you read, it say that villagers were instructed to stay inside close doors, traffic was jammed and virtually curfew like atmosphere. That just seems like a most ridiculous thing. I mean, are these people any less than some of these Princes, Princesses and royals? It also shows the shallowness and close mindedness of Punjab leaders. I know a lot of you would disagree with me here, but ask yourself this question, what did both Indian and British royals give Sikhs in return for all the trust in the last 150 years? Despite all of the sacrifices and loyals by Sikhs, the Sikhs were completely ignored during 1947 partition discussion, and whatever there was got divided by the governors, ministers and viceroys appointed by the royals. There is no curbing of alcoholism, drugs and corruption in the state. Punjab teachers are absent 50% of the time in schools. Farmers are in huge debts. All the taxpayer money spent to protect the VIPs etc, but no time to serve and protect the common villager or farmer who is going in debt day by day. I look at this way, if Sikhs keep catering to royals and voting for the Indian ones, they might as well say goodbye to their bright future. Despite Punjab having a lot of political money at this moment, I really question if it is being spend wisely or is just being thrown on projects for the sake of politics and without any planning, thought, vision. The top down approach tells me, if the top leaders are not clean, hard working, honest, disciplined, and caring enough, what can you expect from the subordinates. I hope I am wrong on this and Punjab would come out with flying colors with this second green revolution. And hopefully Punjabis of todays are smarter, wiser, and informed enough to elect people that are honest, trustworthy, caring, visionary and have integrity. Sad thing is that the typical poor villager of Punjab of today can not even afford a computer or have access to a good library to inform him or herself. May be the Punjabis of tomorrow would be different.


Blogger Otpreka Singh said...

I agree with you completely. I was going to write about the same topic in the coming days.

10:41 AM, March 29, 2006  
Blogger Pritam Singh Khalsa said...

True I said the same thing after hearing that they said Prince Charles put his left foot here and his right foot there and then looked here and looked there and his wife took a deep breath and did this and did that. Who cares what the richest people do? They only do it for publicity and money on both sides. With all their money they could help rebuild or even build countries in need rather than flaunting thier character around, but it is sort of {sort of} good that they do visit places shunned from the rest of the world. "I'm still here in the house of exile, for the love of the nation." Lucky Dube

Excellent point! People should address these things more often but not too much cause then we would always be saying negative things. Again, Perfect topic for the time.

P.s Please do Ardas for the arsoned Gurdwara and Guru Saroop in British Columbia.God bless the Sangat and The Gurus Saroop.
Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

11:33 AM, March 29, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

I wish every Gurdwara had a separate room away from Guru Granth Sahib where community can have peaceful meetings, discuss issues and come up with ideas and resolutions for things affecting the community such as educating kids and others non-Sikhs on real Sikhism, kirtan and tabla lessons, publishing magazines and articles, Sikh awareness etc. There is so much misunderstanding out there about Sikhi. Thanks!

I will attending a wedding in England next week so won't be able to blog for a while!

12:03 PM, March 29, 2006  
Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...

Have a great time and loads of fun at the wedding :)

11:46 AM, April 05, 2006  

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