Friday, March 10, 2006

How real is Indian democracy when it comes to Sikhs?

Punjab, India, the state I spent my childhood and have always longed to go back one day in order to undo the mistake I feel my parents made by tagging me along to Canada and then U.S during my late teenage years. What about the life here with American wife and kids? It is nice, cushy, and with God’s grace peaceful, nurturing and happy. But inside somewhere, there is always this feeling about going back to Punjab, living and settling there. I always wonder if I would have been able to live peacefully in Punjab. Parents weren’t that poor in Punjab that there was a desperate need to get out of India. Sometimes, I wonder how many people like my parents that make the same mistakes because they just want to join the rat race. I am sure there are genuine people that needed to leave India because of financial hardship; political pressures etc but in our case there was neither of those. It was basically to join other family members without knowing much about the country of destination. On the other hand, you read about the day to day lives of millions of peaceful men, women and children in Punjab and India that get affected in worst ways everyday by ill and corrupt officials of Indian and Punjab government, lack of community support and compassion among the masses. At times it feels like a “dog eat dog” mentality, but that may be just too much of negative thinking on my part. I wonder if India will ever change its ways to be a peaceful and compassionate place to live or always be chaotic with religious tensions, corruption and hatred. I wish these negative thoughts would just go away, but always come back to haunt. A Sikh is always supposed to be in Chardi kala and not worry about stupid things like these. But somehow, I feel it is the same rat race people have there as people here in America or anywhere else for the matter, about money, power, egos, jobs etc. Only the protocol, language, and way of doing things are different. Americans want to be more like others thru yoga, wine, tai chi, tanning, body messages etc. and others want to be like Americans thru McDonalds, KFC, Cowboy hats, jeans, CNN, MTV videos and all. But the underlying rat race is the same. The true way of living life seems to be missing for the most part, be it a Sikh way, Christian way, Buddhist or other. I guess, I am way off my original topic of Indian democracy, but it all started with the news below about latest arrests of Khalistani separatists and disruption of people’s lives by Indian government thru anti-Sikh media propaganda etc. As much as I am for unity and harmony between Sikhs and Hindus, the news tell me otherwise. Hope it will change one day and people of all religions, races, colors, castes, gender can live in peace and enjoy the truely democartic India and not a gender, religion and caste biased India that is full of corruption and makes people's lives miserable. Read if you like and but don’t go into cyber deepspace like I did. May be ISingh can shed more light on this after his recent visit:


Blogger Prabhu Singh said...

The only way India can become a democracy for Sikhs is if they agree to the terms of the Anandpur Sahib resolution. Otherwise I think Khalistan is probably necessary. Though I think Khalsa Raj is any where a Sikh lives. I think I live in Khalistan, USA because my sovereignty is recognized in my neighborhood.
India has so many problems with human rights abuses. A quarter of a million Sikhs were wiped out and nothing happened. Even India's heros had big problems. Mohandus Gandhi said that Guru Gobind Singh was "a misguided patriot." Gandhi also abused his wife and slept with children. He appears like a devil to me, but a hero and a saint to millions. Nehru is also considered a hero, who purposely did many things to harm the Sikhs. I don't trust anything relating to India's government or India's media. The movies of India insult Sikhs in so many ways. Every movie I've seen from India with Sikhs in it have insulted Sikhs. I think if I was Indian, I would definitely be on their watch list because I know the truth of their human rights abuses and I don't mind telling the truth, including to people of Punjab.

11:51 AM, March 11, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

I know very little about the Anandpur Sahib Resolution, but you are right about Khalsa raj is where any Sikh lives. Sometimes, I so wish that Sikhs had their own big media companies, movie studios and radio stations. Sikhnet is a great example, but we need a lot more in the TV and movie world to get our point across. I was watching jeopardy the other night and thinking, how about a Sikh prize show like Jeopardy where Sikhs and non-sikhs can compete. It is an idea.

10:49 AM, March 13, 2006  
Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...

"Mohandas Gandhi abused his wife and slept with children"??? I didn't even need this fact to passionately dislike him from forever. But i'd definitely like a backup for this claim. Please!

And Nehru was a bastard (sorry SingsRUs ji to say so on your blog)...but it was because of his decision to retrace the indian planes that were responsible to cover the Indian territory at the time of Independence, which led to the sub-divided Kashmir - something that has ruined gazillion lives and feeds as one imminent source of rivalry between the two nations of India and Pakistan till today! Yes, we have had the bad luck of corrupt leaders. But I blv there have also been the good ones - few, but for sure.

4:40 PM, March 18, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

I agree with you on Nehru. I think he was just a puppet for the British and had no backbone. He was so far removed from the common Indian and almost lived a royal life. I had read that Vallabh Patel actually did not want to give up Kashmir after first war, but it was stupid Nehru policies that led to this whole mess.

About Gandhi, "Mohandus Gandhi said that Guru Gobind Singh was "a misguided patriot." Gandhi also abused his wife and slept with children.He appears like a devil to me, but a hero and a saint to millions."

I really don't know about the statements above, Prabhu. If they are true, he sure will go down in my list. He sure was controversial. On one side I admire him for courage on going on hunger strike, simple living, Salt March and Quit India movements. But then his stand on Sikhs, Bhagat Singh and other's revolutionary movement erks me, as well as his likeness for sleeping with young girls. I don't think both Nehru and Gandhi deserve the credit they are given for India's freedom thru peace. British history in U.S., Africa, and other places tells me that "Freedom thru peace only" is the last thing they would have considered to let a country go.

11:24 PM, March 19, 2006  

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