Monday, March 6, 2006

Interesting Math Puzzles!

Well, the weekend was busy between watching my son Camran's basketball team, who played three games on Saturday, and won the Final championship, and on Sunday fixing up our old house; minor painting, electrical, plumbling, dry wall etc. I feel like a real mistary, tarkhan, lohar and all. The renters left it in quite a mess! Have decided to sell instead of renting again. Too much headache renting! I guess I can tell people that I have been a landlord. If anybody is interested in moving to California, it is going on market next week! Things aren't cheap in California for sure, especially real estate which has been really crazy.

Anyways, enough about myself, here is a site that I found interesting bacause of its math puzzles and fun games. Check it out for just for the fun of it or a little brain exercise or may be you feel challenged!


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