Thursday, February 23, 2006

Is culling chickens the real answer?

I understand the prevention of spread of H5N1 bird flu virus is of utmost importance, but I always question if culling and burying them is really solving the underlying problem which is how the animals are treated in confined spaces. Sometimes I wonder if problems like this virus or mad cow disease will go away, if people would not consume meat and animals won’t have to be treated badly to feed people’s demand for meat. What would happen, if this spreads to humans, are they just going to bury people alive or gas them up in order to avoid a widespread? I am not a doctor and really don’t know the science behind this whole thing, but how can burying a chicken prevent the spread? Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought deadly viruses like Anthrax and others can stay dormant for a long time and have possibility of emerging again. What happens if these chickens or their bones get dug up by a kid or an animal 50 years from now? Would there be any chances of spread again? And, what part does the spirituality, karma, ethics, and love for animals play in this whole thing? It seems as if the natural balance of things is shifting. Don't really know what the solution is here, except for urging people to go vegetarian and take care of personal hygine. Read and comment if you wish:,001300820000.htm


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