Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Let us keep Punjabi cultural and architectural heritage

I saw the following news on Sikhnet and it just makes me sad. Years of Punjabi cultural heritage and history being ruined in the name of modernism, development and advancement. Moving with time is okay, but not at the hyper-speed rate at which Punjab is developing. This just seems so unnatural. It is like making every car go from 0 to 80mph in milliseconds. It may be a thrill for a short time but it sure takes away from the pleasure of normal leisure driving. I feel Punjabi voters should be given choices as to if they really want to take part in this ultra rapid development scheme of Amrinder Singh government. Where are the leaders in Punjab like Dr. Manmohan Singh to help save the state from being ruined? Haven't they heard of the phrase:

"Haste makes Waste!"

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Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...

Hmm. Well, I wasn't aware of this before cuz u r right, it's all happening ina sweep. As much as I am proud of Punjab's agronomy, I am moe sensitive to the loss that Punjab faces overall. I aisnt sur eif you know, but 95% of the highly educated students (engineers especially, including IT) leave Punjab in npursuit of better careers elsewhere. Doctors too, although not in that proportion do the same. Industrializing Punjab can reap significant pros and cons. Only the time can tell. Until then, I'll linger on with my doubts about my standing on this issue.
Guru Fateh!

1:25 PM, January 26, 2006  

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