Monday, January 9, 2006

Punjab Sex ratio - Celebrating Lohri for girls

I am sure by this time we are all aware of the problem of declining sex ratio in India. Here are three newsstories, one estimating the number of aborted girls to be 10 million in the past two decades and the second and third, which have more positive side to this and the response of Punjab government and actions being taken by people. One of the big missing link in this is the sprituality, teaching parents the value of life, and social thought of girl as a burden on family due to dowry custom. A child is a gift from Waheguru to parents. At least it is a step in a right path and I hope the other states are taking similar actions and making sincere efforts.

A few days ago , I read in Punjabi newspaper that during a death of Sikh, the funeral rites and the lighting of pyre are performed by the eldest son, and I was thinking what happens to a Sikh who does not have a son and the eldest is daughter. I really question all these customes if they are just adopted from the Hindu tradition or genuine Sikh. I just can't believe Sikh Gurus who would preach equality would have said that these rites belong to the eldest son. I am going to write in my will to make sure this ceremony is performed by all of my children, and not just eldest. Any Gursikh out there that can shed a light on this.


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