Friday, January 6, 2006

Why most AIDS in Punjab trace back to truck drivers?

With India catching up to Africa in the number of AIDS cases, and Punjab is no exception. Even the village I hail from, two or three families have suffered losses. One most common thing I have started to notice from news and cases like in my village is that most of the wives or kids are related to truck drivers. I wonder, if these Punjabi truck drivers are having extra marital affairs while on route all over India? I wish government or some university would do some study on this pattern. Anyways, read if you like :

Mother of Punjab AIDS victim seeks justice - The Tribune (November 30, 2005)
She is HIV+ but faces no stigma in her Punjab village - The Tribune (December 2, 2005)
Indian minister says concerned about AIDS awareness - (November 30, 2005)

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