Saturday, December 17, 2005

Good Saturday Morning Everyone! Today's Hukamnama From my Guru

O my dear beloved stranger mind, please come home! Meet with the Lord-Guru, O my dear beloved, and He will dwell in the home of your self. Revel in His Love, O my dear beloved, as the Lord bestows His Mercy. As Guru Nanak is pleased, O my dear beloved, we are united with the Lord. 1 I have not tasted divine love, O my dear beloved, within my heart. The minds desires are not quenched, O my dear beloved, but I still hold out hope. Youth is passing away, O my dear beloved, and death is stealing away the breath of life. The virtuous bride realizes the good fortune of her destiny, O my dear beloved; O Nanak, she enshrines the Lord within her heart. 2 My eyes are drenched with the Love of my Husband Lord, O my dear beloved, like the song-bird with the rain drop. My mind is cooled and soothed, O my dear beloved, by drinking in the rain drops of the Lord. Separation from my Lord keeps my body awake, O my dear beloved; I cannot sleep at all. Nanak has found the Lord, the True Friend, O my dear beloved, by loving the Guru. 3 In the month of Chayt, O my dear beloved, the pleasant season of spring begins. But without my Husband Lord, O my dear beloved, my courtyard is filled with dust. But my sad mind is still hopeful, O my dear beloved; my eyes are both fixed upon Him. Beholding the Guru, Nanak is filled with wondrous joy, like a child, gazing upon his mother. 4 The True Guru has preached the sermon of the Lord, O my dear beloved. I am a sacrifice to the Guru, O my dear beloved, who has united me with the Lord. The Lord has fulfilled all my hopes, O my dear beloved; I have obtained the fruits of my hearts desires. When the Lord is pleased, O my dear beloved, servant Nanak is absorbed into the Naam. 5 Without the Beloved Lord, there is no play of love. How can I find the Guru? Grasping hold of Him, I behold my Beloved. O Lord, O Great Giver, let me meet the Guru; as Gurmukh, may I merge with You. Nanak has found the Guru, O my dear beloved; such was the destiny inscribed upon his forehead. 6 14 21
Saturday, 4th Poh (Samvat 537 Nanakshahi)
(Page: 451)

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