Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Do I even know what I am consuming anymore?

Boy! They sure don’t make life easy for people who want to be vegetarians. I didn’t use to read ingredient list on every product, but since my interest in being a better and better Sikh everyday and being a vegetarian, I try to be aware of what I eat. But it seems like a never-ending uphill climb with all of the products out there. I just don’t understand this fascination with meat and meat products. Just take a look at the list of products available out there. I mean why do the candy, cereal, and cookies have to have a mixture of bones and skins of animals? Why can’t we get that same protein from nuts, grains, milk, and cheese instead of crushed bones and skin? I know we are supposed to take care of our bodies, but it just doesn’t seem natural. May be, I just live in a different world and my beliefs are so out of this world. Is there no such thing like sin or karma? I wonder what Guru Nanak, Jesus, or Buddha will say about this? Don’t all creatures die and go to heaven? Even my fellow Sikhs that take pride in farming, but sometimes I wonder how about those earthworms that get killed when we plough the land or dig with shovel? Why do people cry if a pet such as cat or a dog dies, but eating a chicken or a cow, or wearing leather or killing earthworms during farming is okay? Aren’t all creatures created by the same one creator? Are animals really created for human use as per Abrahamic religious thought or are they supposed to be treated equal to humans like eastern religious thought? I wonder if I will ever know. For time being, my heart just tells me to be a vegetarian and try to live righteously as much as I can no matter what any religion or culture says. Here is the link to Gelatin as to where it comes from and if it is really good for people:


Blogger Sifar said...

Yes, all creatures are creations of the same creator. But we also have to remember that bani tells us "Jeeha beejai so lune", What you sow, so shall you reap. So I think you dont have to worry about animals being killed to be eaten or while farming as those souls are reaping what they have sown in their previous lives.

Anyways, I wanted to write to you when I read your comment on Gurmustaks blog. I can't remember of Guru Gobind Singh jee talking ever about Khalistan. He might have said about Khalsa Raaj, that too I am not sure as I was not there to listen what He said. What He wrote, can be read. But what He said centuries ago, has been passed on to gwenerations and what we know today is distorted version...

6:15 AM, January 19, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

Thanks! Sifar. I don't think that he ever said the word "Khalistan" in his writings either, but even if he did, as some of these Sikhs are claiming, I don't think he would have meant to be some worldly piece of land somewhere in India or Pakistan. I agree with you about distorted version. With a few exceptions, most Sikh politicians have their own personal and social agenda in India/Pakistan/Canada/U.S./England etc. about this so called a piece of land in Punjab called Khalistan. They just want power and control even if they are given 10 acres of land. I remember a few years back, I just happened to be in one of the Bay Area Gurudwaras, and one of the speakers was talking about his agenda on Khalistan. I think he is a self appointed President or something of Khalistan out of Washington. After his political talk, he came out asked Sangat for Maya for his cause. Out of about 1000 or so people, I just saw one person give $10 dollars to him. All I remember from this experience is his persona. Too me, he just sounded like a "used car salesman" and I let you guess the rest. I don't think people are that stupid or illiterate as some of these politicians (especially in the Punjabi circles) think.

7:51 AM, January 19, 2006  
Blogger Sifar said...

On khalistan pal, I dont know what you think. But I am niether an active pro nor anti Khalistan. I say not active supporter coz, running a country is not a small job, and Sikh leaderships has failed us so many times that today if we are given Khalistan, I'm sure that the sikh leadership will make a mess out of it. Though if it is given to Sikhs, the it will be very big Deal for me. Coz, I think the "coms" that donot have a country to be called their homeland are never respected. Can we call India our home. Beacuse i was born there, yes, thats the place where I belong. But in india, Sikhs are considered a part of Hindus and are treated as Second class citizens. thats how sikhs are treated any where in the world, Hindus. Sikhs are married under Hundu Marriage Act. We dont even have an act in Indian constitution where by we can get out Anand Karaj registered. In north American when people ask where I am from and I tell them India, first thing they ask me is oh, you are a hindu. I have a brouchre on Sikhs handy with me and I pass it on to them right away, but making the whole world aware that sikhs are different from Hindus or Muslims is a very humoungous task and with todays sikh politicians and religious institutions this can never be achieved, at least in three of my generations to come it is not happenning.

Earlier I too used to hate this politics, but where there is smoke, there is fire. i mean that if we realize, the case has some gravity. Prior to independence, majority of the Eastern india was under Sikh rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh jee. He was a true democratic ruler with people of all color and religion appointed in his ministry. After him the Sikhs fell apart and when india was being divided prior to independence, the shrewed and cunning hindu congress leaders (Nehru and co.) lied to the Gurmukh Sikh representative that they will let him have the independent state for sikhs later. and the rest is all in fornt of you what all happened in punjab. muslims who came from outside into India, killed a lot of Indians, made a lot of them into Muslims got their separate country, but Sikhs who sacrificed the most (also in the indian struggle for indpendence) got only false promises.

I ask for your forgiveness if I said something that may upset you or other readers. Let me know what you think of the situation?

The person who you are talking about is Mr. Aulukh and he has an office in DC in the name of khalistan. He came to our area too and people donated good amount of money. I havent seen him in a long time. I believe that what ever he is doing is for a reason. He is not just by himself. He is representing a group of pro Khalistanis.

10:25 AM, January 20, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...


I agree with some of your points. I can say at least that your feelings are coming from heart and love for Sikhs and Sikhi. You have mentioned the exact reason I don't want Khlasitan that is "they will make a mess out of it". I am neither a active pro or anti-khalistani, but I do kknow, that united as Hindus, and Sikhs, both Sikhs and Hindus can survive, but a further divided India will only benefit outsiders. A divided India where all hindus, sikhs, muslims and christians will all fall. That is why I like the policy, vision and effort of Manmohan Singh to unite not only Indians, but have peace and unity with Pakistan as well. Historically, the divided rulers of India have never benefitted Himdus and Sikhs. Even Maharaja Ranjit Singh's kingdom fell because of division and greed among his own cabinet, his adversaries and benefitted the British eventually. It was not the strength of his forces but greed the greed that led to the fall of his empire. I know people give a lot of prominance to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, but I personally don't like some of things he had done which were very unsikh and anti-gurmat. Only thing I like about Maharaja Ranjit Singh is that he was able to unite Sikhs under one rule, even that came at the expense of having several marriage alliances. My questions would be Why did he have to have so many wives? why did he call himslef a maharaja? why did his four wives and seven maids perform sati ritual and burned themselves? why would he like drinking brandy with a mxiture of pearls, jewels, musk, opium, meats except beef? he also misjudged his greedy chief minister Dhyan Singh, who eventually destroyed the whole kingdom? Knowing all these things, I don't think any Gursikh would connsider this Maharaja a great Sikh. All of these facts can be found in "Sikhs" by Patwant Singh and other several references. And now they are making a movie and serail on him, which is okay as long as they tell the whole truth.

1:18 PM, January 21, 2006  
Blogger Sifar said...

I never said Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a true Gursikh. He was a great ruler, or politician if you will. But, as you said and I know too that his too much involvement in un-gursikh traditions led to his downfall and so were the sikhs who could not unite after him under any banner (ruler). As far as Manmohan Singh is concerned. I dont treat him as a politician. He is and intellectual, now playing in the hands of politicians. He was the best finiance minister India ever had and will have. He cannot implement any policy that the Congress leaders wont agree too. Let us see... he as 5 yrs... I too have no problems with Hindus... I have a lot of Hindus friends and some relatives too. They all hold high regards for Gurus and the Sikhs. The only people piss me off are the politicians who when need Sikhs to fight for them, will do all to get them ready to fight, but when it comes to any policies or ammendments in constitution to benefit Sikhs, they say Sikhs are Hindus.

Nothing like having a country of your own. That way Sikhs can also have world recogonitionn. But it is very sad state of affairs that it dont seem to happen soon.

2:14 PM, January 21, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

"Nothing like having a country of your own. That way Sikhs can also have world recogonitionn. But it is very sad state of affairs that it dont seem to happen soon. "

well said! I hoping that if Manmohan Singh lasts one or two terms, may be (with a big question mark) India will have a better appreciation for Sikhs. This is a real good window of opportunity for Sikh religious leadership and politicians to really get together and change Indian attitude, change historical myths, change constitutional laws. Re-election of Manmohan Singh would also a big test for India for its committment to Sikhs in the future.

11:52 AM, January 22, 2006  

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