Monday, February 13, 2006

Punjab and Sikh history misrepresented, again!

Here is an interesting site I happen to stumble upon about Flags of Indian Princely States. The authors of the site totally seem to have no understanding of Sikhism or are familiar with Sikh or Punjab history facts. I can't say about the rest of Indian states or religions. Here is what the site has on the History of Princely State of Patiala:

“History: Claiming descent from Jaisal, founder of the State of Jaisalmer in 1156, the founder of the Sikh dynasty, Phul, was Chaudhri (Governor) of a country located at the south east of Dihli. Phul's descendants founded 3 States: Patiala, Jind and Nabha. In 1763, the Emir of Afghanistan awarded the Chaudhri the dignity of Raja."

Founder of Sikh dynasity in 1156, give me a break! There is no such thing as Sikh dynasity because true Gursikhs do not give preference to blood lineage. If that was the case, then Guruship would have only gone to the sons of Guru Nanak. The second thing is that Sikhism was not even a religion in 1156, so calling something a Sikh dynasity is misleading and just shows ignorance about Punjabi and Sikh history. A year of 1756 may seem more like it but I don't have the facts. Actually, I think Sikh history and facts often get misrepresented in the foreign media. I don't know if inadvertantly or intentional.

The last thing about Flags, the only true flag of the Sikhs is Nishan Sahib which all Sikhs will recognize.

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infuriating....i know!

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