Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Bush Visit to India - Complex Pakistan and China Equation

Here is an article on concerns and fears of India as it relates to China and Pakistan! These guys sure are a big headache for India, especially more China than India. Despite China saying that India and China have been peaceful countries in the last millinium, the 1962 war is still fresh on India's mind where India trusted China on "Hindu Chiney Bhai Bhai" dialogue but at the end was tricked and lost terribly to China. Hopefully, India has learned from the mistakes of the past and gained enough strength and intelligence to fight a high tech war. As usual I try to find the Sikh connection in everything, my personal take on this whole thing would be "Give control of India to Sikhs, and the Chinese will be kept at Bay". It just amazes me how Khalsa force of Guru Gobind Singh was able to eventualy control Delhi fort and shake the Mughal Empire despite being very heavily outnumbered in almost every battle. What was it that did it? Was it the unshakable faith in the Waheguru to do the righteous things? Was it the inginuity, leadership and vision of our Gurus to develop the weapons and warfare skills? Any ways I look at it and think it, it just boggles my mind about the strength and force that drove the Khalsa Sikhs and keeping Sikhi alive thru enormous hardships. Sometimes, I even wonder if India would have lost to China if a Sikh like Manmohan Singh would have been a Prime Minister. It is mind boggling to think that being just 2% of the whole population of India, Sikhs have been able to accomplish so much in and for India. I know it sounds very biased, but history is evident from Mughal Raj to British Raj and to current. I wish the whole of India had a Sikh way of thinking and living so it won't get beaten everytime by foreigners! Anyways, read and comment if you wish. Hope things will be peaceful between China, India and Pakistan.


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