Thursday, March 16, 2006

Holla Mahalla and the Horses of Sikh Gurus

On the occasion of Holla Mahalla, I was looking for some information to learn more about history of Holla Mahalla. As a kid living in Punjab, sometimes I think I was completely brain washed and did not really understand and never had the opportunity to take part in the Sikh festival of Holla Mahalla and always celebrated Holi as part of the Indian and Punjabi culture. I am not sure if Holla Mahalla was an officially recognized holiday by the Indian Government, but I could be wrong. But learning and reading about the festival, my thoughts take me back in time and I try to picture Guru Gobind Singh Saheb and the Khlasa men and women creating mock battles, riding horses, the archers and shooters, the swordsmen, families and children. What a scene it would have been! Yes, I know I have to live in a real world, and stop imagining things, but I can't help it. Then I look at the whole idea behind this whole thing and amazes me even more about the vision and leadership abilities of the Guru to commemorate a day which would instill courage among the downtrodden masses of India, shake them up, wake them up and charge them up to start a new beginning of Khalsa. I am not aware of any history where man had the ability, vision, courage, skill and statesmanship equivalent to Guru Gobind Singh. How is this possible? To create what he created and is continued to be carried on to this day and will forver. Goverments, leaderships, royalities, and other various systems of things and people will come and go, but the concept of Khalsa and Guru Granth Sahib will always remain. I do believe there was more than just this human ability and definitely a Divine hand in this whole thing. Just sitting here and thinking about it wakes me up and brings the feeling of Sikh courage, pride, ingenuity, and feeling of following in the footsteps of Guru Gobind Singh. It is also mind boggling any way you think it, analyze it or try to understand it.

I also found this interesting article below on blue horse of Guru Gobind Singh and how they are being bred to this day. Thoughts again take me into the future time machine, and I would not be surprised to see Holla Mahalla being celebrated with horses, drums and marches by Khalsa in Canada, United States and for the matter every where on this Earth. It could be a wishful thinking on my part and only time will tell, but knowing the Sikh and Khalsa spirit, Sikh history and courage, the chances are more likely than not. Sometimes, I hear or read people say oh! I wish I were alive during the times of Guru Gobind Singh or Guru Nanak. My thinking is that a Sikh is always living with the Guru. Past, present and future. It is how you look at it. Even though I have not been present at Anandpur Sahib during any Holla Mahalla festivals, but I don’t know why my heart and mind feels I am and was always there.


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