Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Fatwa against terrorists:

Here is an interesting news story about Islamic Fatwa against terrorists. It was interesting to learn that “Islam” literally means peace. I can believe that, but knowing history of Moghal rulers in India, Taliban in Afghanistan, Iran-Iraq War, Ottoman Empire that killed millions of Armenians and other dictatorships and royals in the Middle East that I hear about here and there, it seems totally the opposite. I can accept justification for violence (but not against killing innocents or destruction of holy shrines) by Palestinians to some degree, or even in India (again not killing of innocents or bombing of temples etc) where Muslims are a minority, but what about the countries where they were and are a majority and Muslim law and rule was or is held. The historical record on betterment and treatment of their own Muslim and non-Muslim subjects is not very impressive and needs much more improvement. Cruelties committed by Mughal Rulers of India and Afghanistan against Sikhs and Hindus, Dictatorships rule in Pakistan by generals like Bhutto, Zia and Musharaf, Saddam of Iraq, Ottoman Empire, Ivan the Terrible in Russia, Muslim rule in Spain, Khomeni of Iran and some others from Turkish rulers come to mind. I am sure there are a lot of good news and things going on in the Muslim World that we don’t hear about in the western media here such as great poets, philosophers, musicians, mathematicians etc but all the news seem to be focused on Islamic terrorism and not much else. I guess that is why we call it the “The War on Terrorism”. Another thing I don’t understand is the level of hate that is very prevalent in the Muslim World and among some leaders against Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs etc. Again, statements by Iran’s current President and Taliban rule in Afghanistan who destroyed the 1000 years old Buddhist statues, Destruction of Sikh s Gurudwaras like Darbar Sahib by Afghan invaders and just the general attitude towards non-Muslim holy places come to mind. Well, back to my story, this is a good step and I wish the whole World Muslim community were taking a stand like this against terrorism and hate against non-Muslims.

In case you have not taken the Hukum and to take mind away from all the hate, wars, killings, cheating, lying, negativity and all other lusts, greeds, angers, worldly attachments, false prides going on in this World; and here is today's Hukamnama. Who knows what tommorow holds for us. And, thanks to all visitors of the blog. I continue to learn things from posts and comments at this and other blogs.


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