Friday, June 29, 2012

Tune In! The Anand is in Anhad

The shabad written in Sri Guru Granth Sahib is an unstruck melody, the Anhad, that is broadcast athay pehar (24/7) to the World, but only a very few (bhaganwale) fortunate gurmukhs are blessed with the opportunity and intitutive understanding of where to tune in, why to tune in, and what is being broadcast? Those Gurmukhs really know where to find the station and tune in, have the ability to listen and follow this Waheguru's station. Manmukhs just love listening to noise that is being broadcast thru 24/7 news in the form of political probelms, social gossip, World problems, family problems, financial problems, religious problems, love connections, drug music, scientific problems, medical problems and the list goes on. It seems the entire World is just loves to follow these stations and believes what is being broadcast on them as gospel. The result is wars, parties, alholcolism, depression, endless diseases, anger, anxiety, fighting, paranoid mentality, greed, egotism, lust, killngs, robberies, you name it. At times, it seems, the World is just drowning itself into this endless noise and no one understands Anhad. If everyone would just tune in, even for a few minutes of their life. They might just make it. Our Guru Sahibaan understood all of this 500 years ago.  So please tune in, and enjoy Gurbani thru  meditatation, reading, writing, and learning and listening music, especially classical instruments.  The pleasure is in Anhad.

गुरमुखि जागि रहे अउधूता ॥
Gurmukẖ jāg rahe a▫uḏẖūṯā.
As Gurmukh, I remain awake and aware, unattached.

सद बैरागी ततु परोता ॥
Saḏ bairāgī ṯaṯ paroṯā.
Forever detached, I am woven into the essence of reality.

जगु सूता मरि आवै जाइ ॥
Jag sūṯā mar āvai jā▫e.
The world is asleep; it dies, and comes and goes in reincarnation.

बिनु गुर सबद न सोझी पाइ ॥६॥
Bin gur sabaḏ na sojẖī pā▫e. ||6||
Without the Word of the Guru's Shabad, it does not understand. ||6||

अनहद सबदु वजै दिनु राती ॥
Anhaḏ sabaḏ vajai ḏin rāṯī.
The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates day and night.

अविगत की गति गुरमुखि जाती ॥
Avigaṯ kī gaṯ gurmukẖ jāṯī.
The Gurmukh knows the state of the eternal, unchanging Lord God.

तउ जानी जा सबदि पछानी ॥
Ŧa▫o jānī jā sabaḏ pacẖẖānī.
When someone realizes the Shabad, then he truly knows.

एको रवि रहिआ निरबानी ॥७॥
Ėko rav rahi▫ā nirbānī. ||7||
The One Lord is permeating and pervading everywhere in Nirvaanaa. ||7||


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