Friday, June 22, 2012

Bhaskar - An unsung Indian Mathematician

As an electrical and electronics engineer myself and being born and raised in Punjab, India, I sure appreciate the Indian contribution to the modern world of science, philosophy, religion and engineering.  The basis of many of the calculus, geometry, algebra, systems theory, differential equations, decimal and computing theory, discrete math and digital systems are based on Bhaskar's earlier work.  He existed long before Newton and Liebniz that every science major reads about.  It is amazing to see Indian contribution to modern day mathematical, astronomical, computing and scientific Worlds, but sadly, Indian scientists, engineers, mathematicians, astronomers, philosophers have not been given their due credit to their work.  India was also well known for metallurgy and medicine fields as well in its golden years.  Last two or three centuries have seen many contributions from the Western World, especially U.S., UK, France, Italy and Germany. China has also produced some of the greatest mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, thinkers and builders to the modern World as well as its golden years.  I think this whole development Renaissance thing is cyclic.  It is time for India and China to shine again.  I think during the course of coming century if not the millennium, many scientific developments, theories, discoveries, innovations, medicines, building materials, and commerical products would be coming from China and India.  They are just starting to get warmed up and it is just the tip of the iceberg.  Like Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh's famous mantra of "Look East", India is about to enter an another golden age.  Only thing that Indian leaders have to make sure is that Indians keep their values, social harmony within and outside their borders, stick to truth, justice and freedom for all and don't forget their roots and history of tyrannical rulers of the past.  I also think Indian women will be the greatest contributor to this new golden age of human progress.

And, always, one may ask me what is this got to do with Sikhs?  I would say, everything.  Sikhs love education, science, history, culture, arts, music, mathematics, innovation, advancement, and development.  Sikhs have produced their own great thinkers, entrepreneurs, innovators, doers, and builders.  Sri Guru Nanak Sahib was not only a great divine Satguru but a brave thinker, philosopher, writer, poet, explorer who walked more miles than anybody in today's World, householder, farmer and way ahead of his time.  All Gurus were great leaders.  They started langar, built great structures like Harmandir Sahib, Akal Takhat, forts like Lohgarh etc. Guru Gobind Singh Sahib was a great poet, brave warrior, musician, great engineer, great builder, great peacemaker, great statesman and way ahead of his time by creating Khalsa who is alive and well in today's modern World. There have been so many great Sikh men and women who have done and are doing things to make community proud. In today's World, Dr. Manmohan Singh is steering the Indian ship and only time will tell where it lands.


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