Friday, June 22, 2012

A normal Sikh War Hero in 1800's, Another Bhai Ghaneeya Ji seen as savior equivalent to Christ!

During my google search, I ran into this book titled "Defensive war proved to be a denial of Christianity and of the government of God", written in 1840's.  On page 135, the author gives a story of Sikh who was looking for his friend in the battlefield ran into a British soldier who was severely wounded and left for dead. Oh! how many stories like this I would find of Sikh humility, goodness of heart, bravery, and seeing God in all including your enemy.  Bhai Ghaneeya Ji come to mind who, almost 300 years before red cross came into being, gave water to wounded mughal soldiers in the battlefields.  The sikh young man in Europe comes to mind who a few years ago gave up his life trying to chase a robber who had stolen a lady's purse. Here is the link to the book:



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