Tuesday, December 30, 2008

India favoring Economics over Military defense. Again!

History does repeat itself, it is only a matter of time. Why is it that historically India always seem to be sleeping or seems to become lazy when it comes to defending her own borders? With almost anyone and everyone coming, invading and raping her over the last thousands of years, when would this end? The recent example being the attack in Bombay Taj by Pakistanis, two-three wars with Pakistan, war with China in 1962, the British Raj, the Mughal Raj, the Turks, the Ghaznis, Alexander etc. What is it about India that makes foreigners attack her, rape her, enslave her? I think India gets attacked and loses, everytime it loses its ethics, morality, honesty, spirituality and originality, because those are the Indian strengths. Would India lose today if she was attacked by a semi-large midscale foreign country? I hope I am wrong, but I am inclined to say, YES! Even though India posseses all of the engineering skills, nuclear weapons, space age crafts, modern technology etc. Why? Because Indians today lack peace of mind, ethics, morality, sincerity, righteousness and honesty. This is real Kaliyug. Things like corruption, lying, crime, falsehood, materialism, maya, hatred are the rulers in India of today. India has always been indulging in gold and jewels for temples during good economic times instead of saving and investing the riches, money and resources for better defences, forces, research and development for the country. Look at India during Guru Nanak's times, same things had become the mainstay in India and Babur was easily able to invade, rape, conquor. Guru Nanak Sahib recorded this in Shabad "Sach Ki Bani Nanak Akhay, Sach sunay ....." and when he said "koor phiray pardhaan vai Lalo", he was absolutely right.

Same was true during Maharaja Ranjit Singh's times. He was busy putting golden canopies over Harmandir Sahib, storing gold, jewels in his tosh-khana, having multiple marriages and sleeping and indulging in his power and ego, while the British were planning, formulating, and preparing attack plans and how to enslave India. He had the best Khalsa army in the World, but it is the ethics and morality that caused his downfall. I am afraid same situation is ripe at this moment with materialism taking over India thru recent economic success, morality going down the drain thru Bollywood, and various divisions within India on the basis of caste, classes, colors, money, religions etc. All I want to say is that India needs to come out of this slumber party and wake up before it is too late and she is enslaved again by some foreign power. Sadly, it would hurt Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Muslims and Christians alike without class or caste or other distinctions. I hope the time never comes and India wakes up to defend herself.

God helps those who help themselves! So, Keep Up Hindustan! Checkmate!


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