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The Divided, Weaker and Sinking India! Why the Hindu Caste System is like a National Cancer?

How do Rajputs, Mazbis, Jatts, Chamars, Gujjars, Meenas, Brahmans, Khatris, Marasis, Tarkhans, Lohars, Scheduled Castes (SCs), Vaishwas, Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and all other classes, castes and distinctions of Hindu Hierarchical Caste System fit into Modern India and the lives of modern Indian? I mean what class and caste does the Modern India put the Electricians, Plumbers, Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, lawyers, computer operators, computer scientists, dental techinicians, draftspersons, janitors, high tech soldiers, high tech farmers, rail operators, bus and truck drivers and classes that don’t have traditional roles associated with them? Looking at the news below, it is a sad state of affairs and India of today is even a weaker as a nation as it was before the British, the Moghuls and all other invaders that came and conquered her. It may posses all of the latest technological weapons, warships, nuclear weapons and missiles, but those will be useless to defend a nation that is so divided over religious and social classes like below. It is like a dry rotted hollow tree trying to make itself look like a healthy green tree with a coat of paint. The shining India seems to be full of rust painted over to make it look shiny! Not that India needs to compete with any nation but still it needs to look at why China, Brazil, Mexico and others are developing faster, while Indians are indulging in their hollow pride and fake shine! The Hindu India can learn a lot from Buddha and the Sikh Gurus when it comes to caste and class distinctions and treating human beings as equal!

Meenas threaten to launch agitation if Gurjars included in ST
The Meenas, who claim to be the only Scheduled Tribe community in Rajasthan, on Tuesday threatened to launch an agitation if Gurjars were included in their league.
"Meena community is ready for a larger sacrifice than the Gurjars if the government resorted to any such thing," a student leader of the community told reporters in Jaipur.
"Meenas in Rajasthan are the only Schedule Tribes and we would not tolerate any inclusion into our community, President of Raastriya Meena Mahasabha, Bhanwar Lal Meena said.
If the Vasundhara Raje-led BJP government in the state dares to include Gurjars into ST community, Raje would not be able to come to power in the state, Meena threatened.
On allegations that the police officers of Meena Community were responsible for firing in Dausa and Bundi district, he said, "it is baseless and rubbish".

Gurjars on warpath, 16 killed

At least 16 people were killed and over a hundred injured when the police opened fire in two districts of Rajasthan on Tuesday to disperse violent mobs of Gurjars demanding their community’s inclusion in the list of scheduled tribes (ST). The army was deployed in Dausa, Bundi and some other places to restore order.
Nine people, including two policemen, were killed near Patoli in Dausa on the Jaipur-Agra national highway; seven deaths were reported from Bundi, about 250 km from Jaipur.
State home minister Gulab Chand Kataria said, “Six civilians and two policemen died in Dausa. The identity of one more person, whose body is not being released by the protesters, is not known. Six villagers and one policemen died in Bundi. There is no information about the four policemen who were abducted by the crowd.”
In response to a call given by the Gurjar Sangharsh Samiti to block highways, thousands of Gurjars broke prohibitory orders in Jaipur, Dausa, Tonk, Sawai Madhopur, Karauli and Bundi districts and clashed with the police. The Gurjars, currently part of the other backward classes, have been demanding their inclusion in the ST list for several years.
In Dausa, 70 km from Jaipur, several thousand Gurjars blocked the Jaipur-Agra highway. The police fired tear-gas shells when the mob surrounded them and started throwing stones. Unable to check them, the police opened fire, killing six people on the spot. Several others were injured. Kataria said, “The police had to open fire after the agitated crowd became violent and started dragging away policemen.”
The protesters then burnt down every police picket in sight. Several entered the nearby Sikandara police station and set it on fire, killing two constables.
Outnumbered, the policemen ran for cover but many could not escape. Kataria said, "The crowd hacked the limbs of unarmed constables."
After chasing the police away, the protesters placed the bodies on the road. Ambulances and police vehicles rushing the injured to hospitals in Dausa and Jaipur were attacked and not allowed to pass.
In Bundi, thousands of Gurjars gathered at the Dev Narayan Temple on the Kota-Jaipur highway and later pelted the police with stones from the surrounding hills. Six people died after the police opened fire to control the mob. Kataria said, "One constable was killed by the crowd and another is in a serious condition."
Sources said the protesters abducted four policemen and took them inside the temple. Kataria said over 300 persons were arrested across Rajasthan in connection with the violence.
Sachin Pilot, the MP from Dausa, likened the police action to the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Demanding the Vasundhara Raje government's resignation, Pilot said he would go to Delhi on Wednesday to seek central intervention and the imposition of President's rule.
In Delhi, the Centre decided to send over 2,000 paramilitary force personnel to the trouble-torn districts to assist the police in restoring peace.

For Full Coverage, log on http://www.hindustantimes.com/FullCoverage/FullCoverage.aspx?Special=Punjabontheboil

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Blogger Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar Jatt said...


How could a Sikh, Jew, Hindu, etc die when they are spiritual selves never born and never die?


The blind guides of the "letters" make most people to believe that Christ Jesus shall appear again but very unfortunately the qualities of "Christ" are not perceived by many of them. Christ cannot be perceived unless God blesses the person with "Holy spirit", common sense called SURTI in Punjabi, to do so. You will be unbelievably surprised to know that the second anointed Christ came in India in the name of "NANAK" in 1469 and has gone!!!

"Christ" stands for the "Royal Priest of our Royal Father God" and in Panjabi, He is called a "SATGURU", the "Spiritual Preacher" or DANDORCHI. So, we call SATGURU NANAK DEVJI as the "Christ Nanak" and His coming was predicted by Christ Jesus in Matt.24.27: For as the lightning cometh out of the East and shineth even unto the West; so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.

But why the anointed "Christ" first came in the Middle East and then in the East? This is because in the Dark Age opposite happens to the past enlightened Ages. For example, in the enlightened Age (YUG) TRETA YUG, king Ravan of Sri Lanka, then known as "Lanka", was a renowned PANDIT (Rabbi) - Matt.13.52 - and he had made Lanka a heaven by establishing an excellent law and order but to-day, the same Lanka (secular) is called Sri (Celestial) Lanka, i.e. highly spiritual, but instead of heaven, it is a living example of "Hell".

In the same way, in the Middle East king David and his people of "Judah" tribe were very religious people but to-day they are the most spiritually sick people of all who needed the Spiritual Doctor Christ Jesus the most. But they, Princes of Darkness, rather betrayed and killed Him.

In India, the people of Khatri tribe are the most spiritually sick people of all and Christ Nanak took birth among them but again they hated, tortured and killed those Who carried on His Mantel. In fact, the Khatris especially of the Kashmir valley who became Muslims were the worst of all most powerful AL-DJMAAR AL-AKSAS, the Emperor of Darkness.

Thus, in the past enlightened Ages the Prophets used to appear first in the "East", India and then in the Middle East but in this Dark Age, the opposite was to be expected i.e. first the Christ came in the M.East and then in the East.

So, the Gospels preached by Christ Jesus and Christ Nanak are the same but meant for the people of differing intellect and the "Jerusalem Temple" that was destroyed for ever in 70 A.D. has been replaced by the "Golden Temple" of Amritsar, which is, at present, highly infested by the Mammon worshippers. But why the people are in the "Dark" about these simple facts?

Most people have the notion that the universities harbour highly intelligent theologians and, therefore, they just take their views as final. But this is not so as the university theologians are the most stupid and arrogant people that an ordinary working sensible person can come across. Universities can only teach "letters" whereas the New Testament or "His Word" is to be studied in "Holy spirit", which is received in measures by the individual through the "grace" of God.

God being "Spirit", only the "men" of spirit, and not the people of flesh, can perceive Him through Gospel - Thomas Logo 114: Simon Peter (the only Labourer of flesh) said to them: Let Mary go out from among us, because women are not worthy of the Life. Jesus said: See, I shall lead her, so that I will make her male, that she too may become a living spirit, resembling you males. For every woman who makes herself male will enter the Kingdom of God. This Parable is not an easy one to grasp as it is beyond the capabilities of the theologians of letters. Yet the ordinary sensible people can grasp it after its exposition but that too depends upon the grace of God.

In fact, "spirit" is nothing else but the "common sense" or SURTI, which the persons of "letters" highly lack as they always wrestle with letters - the Parable of wounded person and the Samaritan - St. Luke 10.30-37: And Jesus answering said, "A certain man went down from Jerusalem (after performing the pilgrimage at the Temple full of the psychic "cheats") to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead.

And by chance there came down a certain priest (well versed in the "letters" of the law but lacking the "spirit", as those who objected Jesus healing people on Sabbath) that way; and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side (he was not interested in the welfare of the people other than those that were in his parish or of his own kind and also he had to go by the letters of the "book" and not the spirit of "heart", the Seat of God or of Holy Spirit). And likewise a Levite (who had become Mammon worshippers rather than God and, therefore, had lost track of their duties), when he was at the place, came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side (because in Mammon worshipping, there is no place for "mercy", the inherent quality of the men of God).

But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was; and when he saw him, he had compassion on him. And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. And on the morrow when he departed, he took out two pence, and gave them to the host, and said unto him, Take care of him; and whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come again, I will repay thee.

Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves? And he said, He that showed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise".

Thus, the Samaritan who was not literate in the "letters" had the spiritual laws of humanity written over his heart rather than in the books and that was the main reason why Jesus chose the ordinary working people as His close-circle Labourers (men of letters call them Disciples) and none of the "donkeys" carrying the holy books could be a suitable Labourer - Luke 7.36-50, the invitation of arrogant Pharisee Simon.

So, the present "super donkeys" have no place in the ministry of Jesus but rather they play a very important role in the ministry of Mammon to misguide the spiritually dead people through their university degrees in the letters.

Further, as regards the men of letters are concerned, the Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. especially at the times of Jesus were well advanced in the letters than the present university professors in theology and you are well aware how foolishly they used to react to Gospel which Jesus was preaching - Thomas Logo 28: Jesus said:" I took my stand in the midst of the world i.e. Middle East, and in flesh I appeared to them; I found them all drunk (with the old wine of the letters), I found none among them athirst. And my soul was afflicted for the sons of men, because they are blind in their hearts (spiritually) and do not see that empty they have come into the world and that empty they seek to go out of the world again. But now they are drunk. When they have shaken off their wine (left dependence on the letters of holy books), then will they repent".

For example, Bro. David Jenkins, the bishop of Durham tries to shake off the old wine of the letters but the other drunkards make an up-roar against him. In fact, the "letters" being the old wine, only the old skins (people grown old drinking it i.e. the orthodox or the conservative) can contain whilst the New Wine of Jesus that is to be brewed afresh every day through "Holy spirit" needs new skins (people with liberal views and capable of "Reasoning") to contain.

Thus, for Jesus and His Labourers (men of letters call them Disciples), the learned Rabbis, Pharisees, etc. were just "donkeys" carrying the Holy Books but the present university theologians, who specialise in the letters of both the old and the New Testaments, are nothing else but the "Super Donkeys" carrying the "Most Holy Book", the New Testament. These super donkeys are so drunk with the old wine of the letters that if an ordinary person of spirit tells them the spiritual exposition of Gospel, they not only hate him but also brand him a "Super Heretic".

For example, the Samaritan woman at well, John 4, was a highly moral and religious spinster, who had overpowered the five spiritual husbands called the evil temptations of heart, which were: 1. Lust for sex (KAAM), 2. Anger (KARODH), 3. Greed (LOBH), 4. Worldly temptations (MOH) and the fifth and the last one Pride of her religious knowledge (HANKAAR). The above names of these five spiritual husbands are well known to the Indian professors of theology but they too being well blinded by the old wine of the letters cannot perceive things beyond their own fields of study. These five are further stressed by Jesus in Thomas Logo 16: ....For there shall be five in a house (physical body): three (lust for sex, anger and pride of the religious knowledge by the "letters") shall be against two (greed and worldly temptations) and two against three, the father against the son and the son against the father, and they shall stand as solitary. It is only in the house dominated by Jesus or the "Holy ghost" that all the five are under control and the house, the person, is at "Peace" and the person is "solitary".

Finally, the present Dark Age is not of the "works" but of the "spirit" in which God Who is "Spirit" is to be worshipped in Truth (SATT) and "Holy spirit" or "common sense". Spirit being common sense, only a few living people can understand Gospel in "spirit" whilst the "dead" in spirit take to the letters of the New Testament. All that is happening in the world is taking place according to the "Will of God", which only the "men" of Holy spirit can understand. So, please wake up and ponder over the message of Agape, divine love that Jesus has proclaimed.



11:44 PM, June 01, 2007  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

Chaudhari Nijjhar Jatt Ji,

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

Thanks for your comments! I am not sure if these posts at Sikhnet and here on my blog are an attemp by you to convert me or other people into Christianity or promote your website, but if it is I am sorry to say it is not working and probably never will. Even though as a Sikh I have a lot of respect for other religions including Christianity, but please don't take that as a sign of my weakness. Sikhs have thousands of Khalsas that gave their lives even in worst form than hanging on a cross like Jesus. Jesus may have died for your sins but not mine because I believe I will have to pay for my own good or bad actions in God'court. That sir is called Karma and nobody can die for my sins. What you sow is what you shall reap not what someone else sows you shall reap! Even science teaches you that action and reaction are equal and opposite (Newton's First Law). Heaven is not guanrateed just because someone believes in Christ or Mohammad and can judge, criticize, put down, kill other beings in the name of God or getting virgins in heaven. Only the deeds that you do here on this Earth in this life will take you heaven. I hope Bible teaches you that! If not,

Please visit
www.srigranth.org if you like to know more about karma and Dharma.

12:59 PM, June 02, 2007  
Blogger multisubj yb said...

Read both the sides. Thank you.

12:51 AM, June 06, 2007  
Blogger refractor said...

Both the sides have their own arguments about their beliefs. But personally I think that Jesus was 1500 ahead of Guru Nanakji in talking about equality.
No I am not a Christian.
My knowledge about Sikh dharma is limited but I think that Shree Guru Granth Sahib, most of the time is elucidating spiritual equalities, which is derived from Upnishids; and very little of actual social and material equality.

1:16 PM, July 26, 2007  
Blogger nijjhar said...


Jai Ram Ji Ki,

Without the grace of Ram, BAL RAM JEO, you cannot attain SURTI or common sense to acquire His Word, HAR KA NAAM.

Hari is of Hindus and Har is of the Sikhs. Do you agree? If you know the difference between the two.

10:47 AM, August 24, 2007  

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