Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spider Man 3 - A perfect sidhi or yogi?

As I was reading this article, the last line talks about how Spider Man in third installment is trying to fight his internal demons and temptations to use his power for doing good or evil. I haven't seen the movie yet, but it kind of reminded me of the stories of yogis and sidhs in India as to how they are able to utilize their energies and using the shakti (power) towards doing good or bad. Yogi Bhajan in one of his lectures also mentions and gives an analogy of sword as to how it can be used to defend or kill others. Yesterday, I was reading more about diet of yogis and yoga tradition in Tibet and how recently one of the yoga guys in India (I think his name is Ramdev or Namdev or something) claims that everything can be cured by Yoga, and his frustration with the Indian Governement for not promoting or educating kids about yoga. And, I think now he also has a sceintific backing of one the presitigious universities from the U.S.

There was really a lot of interesting stuff that I was able to find on Tibetan yoga. The electrical engineer in me then tried to compare the essentials mentioned in yogic science like elements or tatwas needed for raising one's consciousness and Kundalini Shakti (energy and power) like fire, fuel (yogi food), heat from wind friction, wind (air that you breath) to the scientific concepts of elements essentials for starting and maintaining a fire like oxygen, fuel, heat and chemical reaction. After my own little analysis, I was amazed at these comparisons within the yogic science and how they could benefit an invidual in raising their energy level and radiance around them. Now some of things were beyond my understanding within the yogi domain but still I was surprised as to how closely these elements like energy, heat, power, wind, fuel etc. were related in these two different domains and I haven't really tried it yet . Now some of you are probably wondering as to why am I reading stuff of Tibetan Yoga within Buddhism when Gurbani gives us everything we need to know about being energetic or radiant or content in life. All I can say is that I like reading anything to everything whatever comes to mind.

Sorry, I guess I better get back to my original topic of Spider Man 3 and put some of this yogic science into practise to raise my energy and get rid of my negativity, along with Gurbani of course! Here is the news article about him:
Yoga has cure for all diseases: Ramdev
Charu ChhibberTribune News Service
Patiala, April 29Reacting to the ongoing controversy about his claims of having a formula for producing male child, religious guru Baba Ramdev has clarified that it is just a medicine for curing infertility.
He said, “Incidentally, in ayurveda, there is a medicine called “putra jeewak” which is a remedy for infertility. Since it has the word putra, meaning son, people have misunderstood it to be a medication for producing a male child. It is simply a remedy to cure infertility”.
Speaking on the controversy involving Hollywood actor Richard Gere and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, Ramdev remarked, “We should try hard to prevent the spread of AIDS and the celebrities should avoid being involved in such controversies”.
The guru is in town for a six-day yoga camp at Polo ground here from Monday.
He said, “I have been criticised on several issues, but now, after science having supported my theories for curing diseases like cancer, hypertension, heart ailments and asthma, the world is slowly coming to terms with the fact that I never made false claims. Even the famous John Hopkins’ Hospital in the US has supported my theory on the cure of cancer. I think this is enough to silent my critics and I am glad that what I have always said has now been scientifically proved”.
“The entire world can be made healthy through the means of yoga, only the world needs to wake up to it”, said Ramdev. “Yoga has remedies for all diseases. If the government can spend crores on the polio and AIDS campaigns, why it shies away from promoting yoga science as a means to cure deadly diseases?” he questioned, adding, “In fact, the government does not even consider it as a therapeutic science”.
“Our aim is to ensure that not a single person loses his/her life due to poverty and sickness that is why we provide free of cost treatment to the needy and the poor.”


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