Friday, March 9, 2007

What is the meaning of a school education? And, what would kids learn, especially, Sikhs who make big claims to speak the truth

Mass copying in Gurdaspur schools; maths paper out
Lalit MohanTribune News Service

Gurdaspur, March 9Mass copying continued in various parts of the district in the Class XII examinations of the Punjab School Education Board.
Today during the mathematics paper the nexus helping the students was fully operational.
The mathematics question papers were out at the centres in Sujanpur just 15 minutes before the scheduled start of the examination. The Tribune got a copy of mathematics paper from the locals.
Well oiled machinery was working to help the candidates appearing for the examinations. As soon as a copy of the question paper was out, it was xeroxed and sold to helpers of students who had gathered around the examination centres. The services of private mathematics teachers were hired to solve the question paper.
The solved answers were then sent to the examination centres to help students appearing in the examinations. The whole exercise was carried out at these centres with the help of policemen deputed there and the examination centre staff. In Sujanpur, the policemen were found carrying solved papers to the students at the examination centres.
The flying staff of the Education Department visited some centres. However, the copying was checked at the centres for time period the flying squad team stayed there. but once they left, the whole exercise began once again.
At certain examination centres some of the students were allowed to solve papers even after the stipulated time period with the help of the examination staff.
The copying in rural schools of the district is an annual exercise. Despite the fact that the Education Department authorities are well aware about the practices of mass copying, they fail to take steps to curb it. Unfortunately, the mass copying at some of the centres is carried out under the patronage of local politicians .
However, the mass copying that is carried out in many of schools is a setback for hard working students. The disturbance at the centres where copying in carried out is another factor that perturbs the hard working students. The district education authorities were not available for comments.


Anonymous tejbir said...

Kindly don't link such things to religion.
Tell me just that a person is born Sikh, makes him/her pure?
Any person, whether Sikh or not has to work to become pure and truthful - its not easy.
A sikh is as much prone to vices as any other person.

12:37 AM, March 12, 2007  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

Thanks for the comments. I didn't mean to link Sikhism that way, it is not Sikhism, but the people. And, I agree that just being born into a Sikh family doesn't make one a Sikh. Since majority of people of Punjab are Sikhs, everything bad and good that happens in Punjab gets credited to Sikhs, whether it is lying, cheating, alcoholism, female infanticide, dowry deaths etc. People do seem to generalize based on majority. Look at the post 9/11 war on terrorism because of a few like Osama. If no one speaks about it, it gets buried and lying becomes a norm. People don't realize that outsiders do judge you that way you look and act. If I wear a turban and have a beard but if my actions of lets say rape, killing, cheating, drinking, saving people, doing acts of heroism, charity etc. affects all other Sikhs including even you, your kids, parents etc. and even though you may be living miles away from me. Same goes the other way.

12:54 PM, March 13, 2007  

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