Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Amrit Vela/Sadhna Tracker Day???

Last whole week has been terrible. The flu really took a toll. Haven't been able to do complete Sadhna at all since day 5 and hope to continue very soon. Day 6, just did Japji Sahib and first five pauris of Anand Sahib, but no yoga or Jap Sahib. The other days, not even nitnem. Only thing consistent has been showers. Took warm showers one or two days, but missed my cold showers because it didn't bring the same feeling. The last year or so, majority of the showers have been cold even though I don't think it has to be cold for sadhna. Kind of getting used to them now and are becoming second nature. The constant cough, headache, achyness and always a feeling of no energy hasn't gone away. Slept during lunch break at work yesterday, went home and slept from 5PM to 8PM. Went to sleep again at around 9PM and slept till 6AM. Feels like there is no energy left in the body. I mean, just ran out of breadth yesterday, just taking steps to second floor of the building where I work. The month of December was spent with the same kind of flu as well. This had been the worst flu season since last 8-10 years. Anyways, I hope all this will go away soon and things will get back to normal soon. I don't think 40 days would be hard at least yoga, meditation and Japji. And, may even become a second nature soon. I like what Guruka Singh Ji said in his fanaticism lecture that after a while it just becomes a second nature and you don't have to think about it anymore than you brush your teeth etc. Still don't understand why Sadhana would be the only way to give two and half hours to God and sometimes I feel like I am putting more emphasis on myself than others. Why wouldn't two and half hours serving someone or seva of some form be enough for God's work? But it is a good thing for bringing discipline in one's life which I sure lacked before. And, Sikhi and discpline always go hand in hand anyways. How can one be a saint-soldier if there is no discipline in life?

Anyways, enough rambling for today. Not much to post. Lately been thinking about deleting this blog and stop blogging completely. I think it has served its purpose whatever it was. It sure has been a great tool to meet people from all walks of lives and learn from their experiences.


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