Friday, February 16, 2007

Moti Ram Mehra - The man who understood Dharm and Karm

Here is an old news story I enjoyed reading. So I saved it and would like to share.

Moti Ram Mehra’s sacrifice recalled
Our Correspondent
Fatehgarh Sahib, December 28
After the Shaheedi Jor Mela held in the memory of younger Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh, the martyrdom of Baba Moti Ram Mehra also important. Lakhs of devotees belonging to the Mehra community thronged Gurdwara Moti Ram Mehra here to pay obeisance to the great martyr. Baba Moti Ram Mehra was a servant in the kitchen of the Nawab of Sirhind. He used to serve food to Hindu prisoners. Mata Gujjar Kaur, along with her two grand children, who were in the custody of Nawab of Sirhind, refused to accept the food of the Nawab’s kitchen. Baba Moti Ram Mehra was a great follower of the Sikh Gurus. He used to serve Sikhs on their way to Anandpur Sahib and back to their homes. The Sikhs used to rest at his mud house where the mother of Baba Moti Ram Mehra and his wife used to prepare food for these pilgrims.
When Mata Gujjar Kaur refused to accept the food, Baba Moti Ram Mehra could not tolerate the Sahibzadas going without food. He came home and told his family members that he would serve milk and fresh water to the Sahibzadas and Mata Gujri. His mother and wife persuaded him not to take such a step. They told him that the Nawab had made an announcement in the town that anyone who tried to serve food to the sons of the Tenth Guru, he along with his family would be put to death in a kohlu (oil squeezer). This information could not change the mind of Baba Mehra.
As he was determined to his mission, his wife gave him her silver jewellery and some coins and urged him to “bribe the gatemen of the burj to keep the act secret.” The Baba praised his wife for participation in the great cause. Baba Moti Ram served milk and water to the Sahibzadas and Mata Gujjar Kaur for three nights.
On December 27, the Sahibzadas were martyred and Mata Gujjar Kaur also breathed her last. He also arranged sandal wood for their cremation. Someone told the Nawab that his servant had served those prisoners with milk and water. The Nawab ordered the arrest of Baba Moti Ram Mehra and his mother, wife and a little son. He did not conceal his act and boldly told the Nawab that it was his pious duty to serve the imprisoned children and their grandmother. Hence Baba Moti Ram Mehra, along with his family, was sentenced to death. His followers deserve his martyrdom every year at the memorial at the end of December.
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