Monday, January 8, 2007

Chak te Phatte! And, now the rest of Punjab, then India and then the World!

Lambra-Kangri society wins national award Sarbjit Dhaliwal
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, January 8
The Lambra-Kangri Multipurpose Cooperative Service Society has won the national award for excellent performance and contribution to the cooperative movement.
The society has helped bring about economic prosperity by raising avenues of employment, fighting poverty and through human resource development in a cluster of villages near Hoshiarpur.
A few weeks ago, The Tribune had highlighted the activities of the society in its columns.
From each state, one society has been given the award by the National Cooperative Development Council of the Union Government.
Elated over the award, Mr Chander Dev Singh, secretary of the society, who, along with some other members of the society visited The Tribune office here today, said the Union Government had given a cash award of Rs 50,000, besides a certificate of excellence and a trophy.
He said two teams - one from Delhi and the other from Chandigarh - had inspected all records and activities of the society before recommending its name for the award.
“To be honoured at the national level is a big achievement. For us it means enhanced responsibility to perform better,” he said.
He thanked officers of the Cooperation Department and others concerned for their support in making the society a success.
On the society’s success mantra, he said, “We have kept the society insulated from all sorts of politics. Members have been told to keep their politics to themselves and visit the society as its members. Within the premises of the society, no one is allowed to discuss politics,” he added.
The society, that caters to the needs of Lambra, Bairo Kangri, Baggewal and Dadiana Kalan villages, has a capital worth Rs 7.50 crore.
It has never secured any loan from any bank since 1999. It has advanced loans worth Rs 4.50 crore to unemployed youth, women self-help groups, shopkeepers and others to generate avenues of self-employment.
Besides, the society has helped people start dairy farming, floriculture and bee-keeping.


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