Monday, December 11, 2006

Sikh Resolve

As I read the following news about Islamic fear of disintegration in the Middle East, I am starting to think, why the billion or so Muslims in the World are having a hard time uniting? Why can't they discuss things and work things out among themselves to live in peace? Then I think of Sikh community, I have heard many times as to how Sikhs are like Irish and how Sikhs always fight among themselves during peace time but when confronted with a common enemy they have the resolve to get together and work things out. I say it is somewhat true but not in its entirely. I believe Sikhs have better ability to discuss and solve things even during peace time than during confrontation with an common enemy. This has become quite evident from Sikh response to September 11 attacks and to hate crimes against themselves. I thought it was quite amazing how quickly the Sikh community was able to unite, speak out in one voice about September 11 attacks and work with larger communiuty in confronting hate crimes, discrimination, profiling etc. Yes, we do have our own minor social issues that need to be dealt with such as better women equality, elimination of dowry, castes, reviving Sikhi among youth along with maintaining Sikh identity, gurdwara reforms and reaching out to the larger communities around us to mention a few. But these issues seem workable and I beleive over time will become less and less important. There may be some other new ones by then but if community continues to work like they have done before and after September 11, Sikh community can outlast any other community or culture. Even there seems to be a change in the Punjab Sikh leadership about the way of thinking, brighter vision for the larger Sikh community and Gurdwaras. I hope when Sikh community reaches a hefty billion, it will still be able to work together like they have been doing and not disintegrate like some of the larger ones in Middle East. Anyways, read if you like.


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