Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Morning Gurudwara, for sure starts my day right!

Well! stopped by the Fremont Gurudwara this morning. Surprised to see sangat just coming in and out. I would say, for a Tuesday morning, it was great to see at least 20-25 people starting their day with a Gurudwara. There was a huge pile, the size of a room, full of donations ready to be sent to the earthquake victims in India/Pakistan/Afghanistan. That is the Sikh spirit! It was a same feeling I got when once I went to Harminder Sahib as a kid in the early morning. It justs brings everything alive inside, seeing people coming in and out, listening to kirtan and recitation and the radiant sprit in the morning. To the ones that have not done so, please try to start your day at the Gurudwara if you get a chance. There is no feeling to describe it. Especially, take your young kids if you can, they will remember this for the rest of their lives and would really appreicate the sprituality that you have brought into them. It may even keep them off from drugs, alcohol and other bad stuff that goes on in this crazy World.


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