Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Is seeking Truth really simple?

Over the years I have heard and talked about people looking and seeking Truth in everyday life. What I don’t understand is that why is “It” so hard to find? Why are we humans so hung up into the caste system, class distinctions, religious distinctions, racism and materialism? One of the things Guru Nanak said was that Truthful living is even higher than the Truth. Then I ask, why are we even looking for Truth and why don’t I just try to live truthfully to my best and everything else should be taken care for? Other question comes to mind then is what is a truthful living, for Sikhs it is a life of Seva (service to humanity), Simran (meditation on the creator) and honest earning. Since all of this seem so simple, what I don’t understand is that why are we so hung up on things above. Is it because everything in the current system of state economies is tied to money? Money is needed for even basic human needs such as food, medicine, clothing and shelter. Then how much is enough? Would a simple house in countryside with a few animals be enough to lead a simple, peaceful, honest life? It probably would be a poor life. Then what happens if my wife and kids get sick and I don’t have the money to buy them medicine? What kind of education would my kids be getting? Would I be able to afford clothes? Does this mean I need to save more for these things? What about Dasvand? Is buying the best jewelary, gadgets and toys like gamecube or a gocart etc. for my family being too materialist or bringing joy to them is more important? There is no end to all this? Sometimes I question myself as to where can I live on this earth that would simply fulfill the above requirements of Sikh faith. Then questions come, how did people like Jesus, Guru Nanak, and Buddha live? Did they carry money around or people just fed them wherever they went since they had the Divine presence? They must have had the same human needs as anyone else? I wish I knew the answers to these questions, and if the life were real simple, we would have all found the Truth. I guess I will just have to continue to live in the best truthful way as I possibly can, no matter where I am on this Earth.


Blogger Truth Seeker said...

You seem to be experiencing varagaya. If you leave the "I", "Me" or "I am doing" from everything, and think everything is being done by Akal Purakh even though you might seem to be doing the actions, then you will really live a truthful life. Many people have heard this concept but find it difficult to practice.


12:29 PM, September 28, 2005  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

Thank you for the comments. You are 100% correct about everything being done! As in Japji Sahib, "Hukam hovan akar, hukam na kahia jai". Ultimately, Akal Purakh Waheguru is doing everything!

2:53 PM, September 28, 2005  
Blogger Gurinder said...

Many questions are being asked and it would be difficult to discuss this matter on the blog or by leaving comments. I do understand the questions that are brewing in your mind were once brewing in my mind in the past.

Your questions seem too complex and even when other person reads they may become perplexed with its vastness and entanglement. But in reality these questions are very simple with very simple explanations. We have this natural tendency to become entangled in every matter of life which will become hindrance in the search of Truth which lies within us and everything we see, feel and yet things that are beyond our grasp because we are tuned in to too many frequencies. In order to perceive a channel from a radio we need to tune to one frequency, however, if radio is set on two frequencies then we hear nothing but a hiss sound. In order to search that ultimate truth or Truth beyond Truth we need to tune in to that particular frequency so we are able to perceive things better.

Gurbani has all the answers to everyone’s question. The question is, Are we willing to learn from it? Or keep ourselves tangled so that we may not excel in that particular area. Just like going to school. We have the option to listen very carefully to our teachers in the classroom then come home to do homework and excel in school, or we can doubt the teachings our teacher in school, doubt the textbooks, and doubt on the entire institution.

Once Again, you have to many questions brewing in your mind, so lets take one question at a time. It is always to deal with first alignment then the second and so on. However, I do not promise you that what I am going to write will satisfy you.

General comment: When I was doing my undergrad in sciences we were MADE to take courses in Calculus, Physics (2yrs of uni), Chemistry( 3yrs), Biology (4yrs), Psychology (2yrs), and each course has its branches, such as Biology – physiology, botany, anatomy, genetics etc. then philosophy (1yr), Biotechnology (1yr), religious studies ( up to 3rd year courses) etc….. At that time I was confused that why they make us to go through all these requirements and I felt that it is waste of time nothing seemed to be linked with each other. However, after going through even higher education I realize that Wow!! Everything is linked in some manner. But in the past I was perplexed with the vast knowledge being hammered into our brains and saw no relevance at that point of life.

Therefore, service to humanity, meditation on divine creator, and honest earnings are linked with each other very intensely. Lack of one's perspective will hinder our journey to our final destiny, which is the quest for finding ultimate divine in us first then everywhere. Just like in order to pass board exams for Medicine you need to have complete knowledge and deep understanding in every subject and any weakness in one subject may hinder the successful completion of the exam.
I will try my best to show you how everything linked so tightly with each other and all the answers are in SGGS. In order to understand the depth of each concept we need to tackle it one by one and the answers will begin to surface slowly and constant ramblings of our minds will come to silence and blissful silence. That day we have begun to tune into one frequency.

Again I cannot provide complete answers on the blog! It might sound that I’m off track, but I have to begin somewhere because incapable is my mind to describe the glimpse of the great vastness of Divine Truth, and lack of intelligence!

The majority of Sikhs do Rehras in the evening and we read through it as fast we can so we do not miss our favorite TV program or we are anxious to get involved in a conversation, which is taking place in the living room. We just want to read for the sake of it! So that we are able to say that I have read all of my banis! We ramble, ramble all of our lives as long as we live and we will never get a tiny glimpse of the ultimate truth of truth in our hearts, mind and soul.

Lets focus on the First line of Rehras.

1) Dookh Daroo Sukh Rohg Pay-aa //

Dookh – means pain
Daroo- means medicine
Sukh – means comfort, peace.
Rohg – means illness
Pay-aa - to come about.

Many people translate that: When we are in pain we tend to remember God and when we are joyous then we tend to forget God and then we become ill.

Well, nothing is wrong with this translation but it is Too superficial in its translation. One thing God never said praise me or pray me because God is fearless and does not give fear to others. God never inflicts pain or illness on creation if we do not praise him/her. It is a constant peaceful energy.


Question is what is SUKH TO OUR MINDS:

Probably million things but lets take few examples:
It is a natural tendency of human beings to search for Sukh or that is Peaceful and takes their anxiety, worries away. We are in constant search for Sukh everywhere and in everything.


1) To Sleep excessively. We find comfort in this.
2) Not to do simran . Since it is difficult.
3) Not to do exercise. Since it is painful and requires lot of energy
4) Over eating. Gives us pleasure in indulging upon foods
5) Eating meat. Gives us false impression of strength and good health, also for our taste buds.
6) Drinking alcohol. Gives us feeling of high. We assume that it takes way worries, anxiety.
7) Drugs.
8) Praise. We want people to talk good about us, so our ego is boasted.
9) Lust. We constantly think about sex and it practices in our mind, because brings Sukh to our mind and body

I could keep listing forever!! The point is that we are driven toward what we perceive Sukh to our minds and body. We are tuned for instant gratifications and anything that gives us pleasure we will surrender ourselves to it.

However, These Sukhs will bring ILLNESS TO our body, to our mind, to our soul!!!! We are responsible for these actions not God. Remember God is loving energy, Just LOVE.


How can PAIN be the medicine!

1) To do sewa – is Dukh ( because it makes me look inferior to others)
2) Honest earnings—is Dukh ( because my friends became millionaires after doing black business and they seem to be happy….)
3) Sleeping reasonable hours, Getting up early in the morning to do meditation is Dukh to our mind and Body.
4) To do Simran at Gurdwara, meditate at Gurdwara, seems waste of time, therefore another DUKH
5) Eating Less: not acceptable. Another Dukh
6) Not to eat meat: Totally unacceptable. Another Dukh to give up eating meat.
7) Not to Drink alcohol: a drink once a while does not hurt since it is good for our cholesterol…. Many excuses we come up with…. Well another Dukh to mind to give up Alcohol
8) Not to do Drugs: we want to feel high instantly and forget about our worries!!!! Another Dukh for our minds to give up.
9) Lust: Its impossible, why would God give us sexual organs in the first place…. Stopping Lust another Dukh to our minds.
10) To Do sewa

Finally, If we Accept all These Dukhs in our life and mold our Life around these Dukhs then Our Soul, Mind, and Body will be free of ILLNESS. These Dukhs Becomes Medicine.

Out of one line entire sikhi way of life is described!

This is a just a simple understanding and all of this is contained in one line of Rehras.
Gurbani is the ocean. Just like Isaac Newton said that I have just seen single drop of this ocean in my life time and even this single drop of ocean is perplexing to my mind….

11:09 AM, September 29, 2005  
Blogger Gurinder said...

If I have time I would like to discuss about:
Hukam hovan akar, Humkam n kahia jai//

It has very deep meaning to it.

12:07 PM, September 29, 2005  
Blogger Gurinder said...

What is Simple Life? Does living poorly make our life simple, thus makes us closer to God? I don’t think that it’s a question about ones position in life rather than what goes in ones mind. Simple life means that we don’t have entanglements or doubts running in our minds so that we find justifications to our actions. Guru ji never asked their Sikhs to give up their lands or business in order to have a simple life. Simple life is viewed at metaphysical level and at higher conscious level. Japji – One cannot contemplate the vastness of the vast divine by contemplating millions of times. One cannot obtain peace (silence) by becoming silence (mute). Therefore, one cannot live peacefully or attain the knowledge of the divine by living poorly, because it the question about the MIND. I could be the richest person in the world and IF my mind is absorbed in Divine being then I have a simple living.

Living a simple life is not a question about one person’s status in life, yet it is a question about status of one’s MIND. How many times Mind mentioned in SGGS ji.

Everyone is trying to find what is True or Truth? Again, truth is not an object that can be found it lies within us. However, human beings think that what ever they see, sense, feel is truth, because we try to interpret the external stimuli. And whatever we see or observe to our ability then we try to find a rational explanation for it. Now, No one has seen God, felt it or smelled it and we do not have a scale or a powerful electron microscope to see God. Therefore, doubts begin to penetrate or brew in our mind that leads us to astray in life.

Simple, we know that earth is revolving around itself (angular velocity) and revolving around the sun (liner velocity), yet our senses tell us that earth is stationary (not moving). We do think that our senses and brain are telling us the truth or we have the ability to interpret all of the external stimuli. Therefore, what we see, hear, smell and feel has its LIMITATIONS. But human beings are not willing to accept this because it will destroy their ego for self-existence. If we believe in that our brain, and our sensory system has big limitations then how can we even measure or bring that vastness to our contemplation. False contemplation will breed skepticism….

Even though the great vastness or infinite universe is within ourselves but we refuse to acknowledge that because of our limitations of our brain and sensory system.

We have the choice of letting go of our EGO and live the life Guruji demands which is to surrender our mind to the Divine Being (which is Simple living) or keep on Contemplating and brew doubts upon doubts.


Buddha ji left his family behind and ran to the forests in the search of the Divine. At the End his remarks were that there is no God but self existence nothing beyond. However, leaving behind family means running away responsibilities….

Jesus ji never married and never had a family. He taught his views on God for three years. We don’t really know his thoughts since he did not recorded them or thoughts written hunderds of years after him.

Nanak ji- worked at a shop for sometime then got married, made long journeys to awaken the people’s conscious and also worked in his farm. They have set the example how to live our life.

My point is that we could keep on thinking of unthinkable all our lives or we can let go of our minds and let it to be absorbed into the unthinkable by the grace of his kindness.

10:22 AM, September 30, 2005  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

Thanks! Gurinder. Great comments! I like the line "I could be the richest person in the world and IF my mind is absorbed in Divine being then I have a simple living". You are right about the truth.

4:54 PM, September 30, 2005  

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