Saturday, November 26, 2011

Which Mahan Bharat or What Mother India?

Was just sitting and thought of writing something about India. Here is what came out of various thoughts:

Which Mahan Bharat or What Mother India?

The Cradle of ideas
The Cradle of thought
The Cradle of civilization
The Cradle of logic
The Cradle of beliefs
The Cradle of beauty
The Cradle of simplicity
The Cradle of harmony
The Cradle of peace
The Sparrow of gold
The master of Yoga
The Queen of spices
The Mother of Inventions
The land of seers
The land of sages
The land of ragas
The land of ages
What really happened? Where did she go?
And, where is she going? She does not know.
Who plundered her beauty and polluted her thought?
Who ruined her glory and took away the spot?
Who took away the magic and let her just rot?
She loves to follow and forgot how to lead?
She ruined her beauty, she ruined her grace.
She ruined her mind and ruined her place.
What do I call her now?
Is she an addict or do I call her a prostitute?
Is she a begger or do I call her a destitude?
Her love is gone
The grace is gone
Her peace is gone
Her glory is gone
Simplicity is gone
Bravery is gone
The logic is gone
Thought is gone
The music is gone
The Light is gone
Religion is gone
The shine is gone
Too many bastards,
Too many thugs
Too many rapists
Too many liars
Too many thieves
Too many beggers
Too many show offs
Too many cheats
Too many killers
Too many chiefs
Too many mobsters
Too few priests
Too many jobs
Too few takers
Too many pundits
Too many mullahs
Too many granthis
Too many beads
Too few seekers
Too few lovers
Too many haters
Too many pilgrims
Too many baths
Too many paths
Too few takers
Too few foods
Too many bakers
Who will save her?
Who will change her?
There was time
Great men stood up
Great women stood up
Long before Gandhi, Long before Tagore
Long before Bhagat Singh, Long before Bose
Long befor Laxmi Bai, Long before Shiva Ji
To save her honor
To save her grace
From the raiders and the plunderers
From the rapists and the killers
From the tyranny of the religionists
There was no thank you
Terrorist you, radical you
Separatist you, extremist you
Khalistani you, amritdhari you
Anti-Indian you, we will show you
You are no good, you are no brave
No such history, no such place
You did what and when was that?
Who is a Khalsa and what place?
What Takaht and Which Guru?
There is no honor, there is no glory
I am now free, I am now brave
I am the boss, I am the face
I am now shining, I am now moving
Jai Ho India! Jai Ho Bharat!
Jai Ho! Jai Ho! Jai Ho! Jai Ho!
She is in denial or she is forgetful
What is her origin and what is her destiny?
Does she know? Does she care?
Her senses are gone, old age is hard!
The higher she flies, the harder she falls
Come to your senses
Go back to the basics
Knowledge, compassion and hard work
Bring back the unity
Peace, love, harmony
No hate and resentment
No fake aristocracy
No fake democracy
Just Truth, God and contentment
Take pride in history
Take pride in the Yogis
Take pride in Sidhs
Take pride in Pundits
Take pride in Puja
Guru will guide you
Show faith in Khalsa
This is your destiny
This is your dharma
The day will come
For the real shine!
True Khalsa Raj!
True Khalsa Raj!
Jai ho India! Jai ho! Jai ho!


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