Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lohri has no place in Sikhism! Please Sikhs, let us keep Sikhi simple and pure!

This afternoon I read these two news and was really disgusted the way these newspapers posted it and amazed at the so called Sikhs on their understanding of Sikhism, that are quoted in the article. Please you so called Sikhs of Livingston and Lodi Gurdwaras, do not mislead the local non-Sikhs about Sikhi! Lohri has no significance in Sikhism and I have never seen it celebrated in a Gurdwara. Please celebrate it in your homes, party halls etc, but not in my Guru's home. These bonfires and Hindu rituals do not belong in Gurdwara. I hope Akal Takhat would do something about this religious sacrilege. I wonder why Americans are so confused about Sikhism. To associate Lohri with Sikhi is like associating Columbus day holiday with Christianity. This is a cultural festival and a cultural holiday like halloween. Sikhi has nothing to do with Lohri. And, come on give me a break! There are no gods in Sikhism as is stated in teh Livingston news. And, there is no sun-god or fire god or whatever else gods these newspapers are refering to in their biased articles. Sikhs believe in One God, the Creator that created this whole Universe. You, me and every other living and non-living creature in the Universe. Every Sikh knows that. Names are many but there is only One. These pseudo Sikhs are giving Sikhism a bad name. Sikh religion has no ritual of bonfires etc. To my fellow Sikhs and non-Sikhs who are interested in learning about Sikhism, please search Sikhism on google and learn it yourself. Here are some great websites:

Can someone please show me one Gurbani quote where Lohri is mentioned.

Here are the links to the articles about Lohri ceelbrations at Lodi and Livingston Gurdwaras:


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