Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Kashmir problem and solution! Why PM Manmohan Singh is quiet?

With this latest drama of BJP party workers going to Jammu, here are my thoughts and questions:

1) Why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and congress is keeping quiet on this issue?

2) BJP is right about their right to go and hoist Indian flag in Indian territory and should be allowed but Why BJP is creating terror by bringing party gundas into J&K from outside? This mob mentality is what I hate about India and sadly it is done by all, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Muslims alike. I mean we are ready to show talwars, sotis etc. tp prove our points be it wrong or right. Instead of using our heads we use hearts and go emotional. It is okay to do that if doing something good like charity work, but when fighting. If this was a British or Mughal rule or some other Western Rule as is evident in Indian history, these Gundas and gang and mobs would not have prevailed. I mean a country like India probably would not use bombs on its citizens but they have guns these days like Metal Storm that can shoot million rounds a minute to disperse these types of gundas. So please stop this gunda gardi and mob terror. Think about it, you would be useless in front of a million round a minute gun, unless of course you all carry high powered and high ammunition guns. I am all for a peaceful protest and right of every Indian to hoist flag in Jammu and Kashmir. J&K is part of India and there shall be no argument about it.

3) If Chief Minister Abdulla wants to separate the state from India, why doesn't he and others like him just move to Pakistan? Afterall, India has given up a lot of land already by handing over Pakistan to Muslims. Where do guys stop? I think nowhere, even if all of Indian territory is given to Muslims. They would still want more. The CmAbdulla is just full of crap, is a womenizer and won't give up his kursi no matter what.

4) And, for Indian media, please stop this garbage and label "Saffron Brigade". I know there are some Hindu terrorists that thrive on religious divide and rule. But I think any one that uses deragatory term to describe a genuin Hindu holyman shall be charged with a hate crime. But Indian media just borrows these terms from Western media and copies them. They don't realize how hurtful it is to the person who is genuinely wears saffron and follws Hindu or Sikh or Bodhi Dharma and is asscoiated with a terrorism label and a term like "saffron brigade". Indian mdeia doesn this to Sikhs all the times by labeling them as "Sikh Radicals". I think there should be a term called "India media radicals or brigades or liars" since they don't really do any in-depth analysis of the information and the news but are just eager to dump the raw information garbage at people without realizing the consequences of their false reporting actions or the words that the editors use to create hatred and disharmony in the country.

5) To the J&K people, I say that do not listen to outsiders from other states and countries. They will stop at nothing to create fight and divide you to keep their control, even in the name of God and Country.

6) And, finally I do admit that I know nothing about J&K and have never been there. As I said above, I am just an outsider watching in and I am just saddened by this news and hope peace prevails without violence and bloodshed. Take my advices and thoughts at your own risk.


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