Saturday, January 16, 2010

Learn Punjabi Alphabet by audio listening

I just ran into this site, I thought would be great whoever wants to learn Punjabi alphabet. I think the best way to learn Punjabi is to be around Punjabi culture and listen to audio files like this. those who are interested in learning Gurbani purnounciation and daily nitnem paath, download and listen to various nitnem from Gurdwara and Sikh sites on teh web. It is a great way to learn by listening and mimicking. The meanings will come as things move. If I can learn to speak English at 17 when first time exposed to it, even though I learned it in school in India but never was spoken at home etc. Same way, I think if one learns to read and write Punjabi first then speaking and purnounciation will come as one interacts with the Punjabi culture. One thing as a kid I used to do a lot in India was to read English dictionary, I think that helped me pick up a lot of English words. A good Punjabi to English dictionary would help a lot. There is one by Univeristy of Patiala. Punjabi has 35 letters of alphabet and it is collectively called Painti (meaning thrity five). Anyways, here is the site:



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