Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who is the real terrorist?

When I read this news on Sikhnet, I could not contain myself and had to post the link. Even though girl killing or female infanticide is not a new story in India, because for Guru Gobind Singh Sahib to mention in the rehatnama, this problem must have been prevalent. But nobody really wants to tackle the root of the problem, which is teh Indian/Hindu Caste, Dowry and property inheritance system. Here is one of the comments that I really like on the issue at Sikhnet link:

What a shame! Us Punjabi's have forgotten that our Guru' s had elevated women to a higher status than man! For centuries our Male chauvinistic society treated women as a slave or even worse. I was and am, not very fond of "terrorism" in last two decades in Punjab, but few things those real freedom fighters did was a stern warning and occasional punishment to the clinics who carried out gender based abortion, warning against dowry seekers, and "bahu " abuse. In period between 1981 to 1991 there were almost no reporting of "stove explosion killed daughter-in-law" in Punjab thanks to warning by so called "terrorists" to chronic wife beaters, abusers and dowry seeker. Female genocide and dowry abuse goes hand in hand. Very imp to understand that gender demographics will change drastically, forcing boys to marry non indians of no choice. Hope Punjab is not reduced to Texas town called "Cut and Shoot" zip 77306 . History tells a booming Texas oil town where female population was very low, men actually had to cut or shoot opponent to win over a female. Joking! it is true but pretty much sure that's not gonna happen in Punjab!

This makes me want to pose a question "Who are the real terrorists in India" and Why Sikhs want to separate from India. i think India has forgotten her founding father Gandhi's saying when he was told by one of the ruling British officer

"Without us you Idians would have problems"

and Gandhi's reply was
'Yes, we would have problems, but they would be ours"

I think Sikhs need to re-examine Gandhi's answer for asking for a separate Khalistan. Yes, we would have problems, but they would be ours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please go ahead and join Pakistan. Your Khalistani friends were trained there.

Goodbye and Goodriddance.

8:28 AM, June 14, 2011  

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