Monday, August 3, 2009

Please give me back my life of peace, happiness and harmony

Who took away my happiness?
Why peace has gone?
Is this Your sweet Will or is it me?
What do I do?
Where do I go?
Your door seems shut
Took things for guaranteed
Wife seems gone, kids seem gone
Mother seems gone
Job seems gone
Support seems gone
Your word seems only support
Feel lost in a storm
This kite is flying
Without its string
No end in sight
Feel dead while alive
Need your hand
To guide me home!
To come back to peace
To come back to happiness
To come back to harmony
To be alive again
What went wrong?
I will go to the Gurdwara
I will do my ardas
I will stop being angry
I will love my wife
I will love my kids
I will accept life as comes
May be its too late!
I am sorry for my mistakes
I have no power
All power is yours
All play is yours
All doing is yours


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