Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whose free will is it anyways? I say it is His who created it

This in my mind is one of the most interesting topic when it comes to religion/spirituality or whatever else you may want to call it. I have heard this over and over from various people and in movies and more so in the Western/Christian/American society, and even almost every time I say, oh! it is God’s will! Some of these people, some of whom are even my close relatives, almost always come back and correct me, that I have a free will. I feel like saying to them, that is all bullcrap, but I don’t, out of respect for their culture and belief. How can my free will or for the sake of argument anybody’s free will can prevail over God’s will? The argument seems so absurd, and yet they keep on repeating it over and over and want me to believe it, and I think they don't even realize it what they are saying. It is more out of habit than actually thought. Oh! You have free will. I can’t wait for these idiots to fall in sick and be in deathbed, then I will ask, is it your free will or it is God’ will that you are sick or dying. I am sure their free will wants to go out to beach, travel, go for a walk, live healthy, but God’s will is that they stay in bed. So whose will prevails? Yes, many will probably start denying that God’ will even exists to make their point.

Yes, God gave us hand to work, feet to walk and mind to think to do actions, which is Karma. I have no issues with that, but to think that my actions are beyond God’s will is egotistical, arrogant, and outright denying the power, grace, will of God over these actions. Karm Dharam de adhine kar! Yogi Bhajan teaches me. Why do actions? Well, it is tied to my liberation or mukti? Sometimes, I even think these people are not even following Christianity when they deny God’s will. I have never seen a Muslim or a Jew or a Sikh or a Hindu say Oh! You have free will. Yeah! I know I have free will to do anything. It is called “manmat” in Gurmukhi and Punjabi meaning doing what your mind wants to do, which is almost taking you away from Guru’s teachings. A Sikh is supposed to live with “Gurmat” and “Santmat” that is lives according to Guru’ teachings not “Manmat”.

The problem I think is that these people think that they have invented things and have advanced in science to point of almost denying God’s will and thinking that they are above and beyond God. Inventing, reading, writing, studying, and praying are all actions or labor with results/fruits that are beyond their human control. I am engineer, I think, write, plan, design, build, test and all but If I start thinking that I know the results of these actions, I am the most stupidest person on this earth. Think about it, how can I know what effect my writing, designing, planning, managing has on the ones that use these writings, plans, design, and things that have been built. Did you think the designer of your cell phone, or an atomic bomb or your computer knew the effects of his/her inventions. If they claimed they did, I think they were the stupidest people. The good and bad effects are still being felt and who know what the future holds. So who’s will is it that computer was invented or a bomb was invented or a cell phone was invented? I say, it is His will who created the will and that is what Guru Nanak Sahib teaches me in Japji Sahib and Gurbani teaches me in Guru Granth Sahib. To me Japji is the most beautiful banis and I just get fascinated with the what our Guru Nanak's condition must have been like when he was writing this, reciting it, singing it with Mardana, and preaching it to people? I don't think he was saying, oh! read Japji. I think Guru Sahib was all knowing and actually conversing and singing with people wherever he went. It is truly amazing how much distance he covered and places he went. His farming life, his writings, his family life and so many other things I can't even think of. And, even more fascinating is life of Guru Gobind Singh ji who sang and played musical instruments , wrote Dassam Granth, spending time in the battlefileds, creating and building Khalsa army, building forts, creating taksals, serving, leading, practising battle skills. And, going back to my post about God's will, all of these great Gurus, saints lived in God's will and yet they created so much, wrote so much, changed so many lives and never claimed credit for themselves but always accepted his will! and, you tell me, I have a free will. Give me a break!



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