Monday, March 30, 2009

India number 1

Well, I was shocked when I read this news of Indians topping all other countries in Swiss bank holdings. Jai Ho! Actually more appropriate would be "Murdabaad!" or "Oye! Tuhadi". People who have taken this money out of India and own it and are making poor starve and along with the poeple including banks that are getting rich off of poor people's hard earned labor are a real disgrace to Indian society and human race as a whole. They should be made to do real hard labor to see what life is all about. I wonder if they have any ethics, morals, religion at all. They can't be calling themselves Sikhs, because Guru Nanak always taught "Dharm Di Kirat Karni and Vand kay Chakna" meaning honest earning and sharing with others. They couldn't be Christians, because I think Jesus kind of preached the similar thing. I don't know the exact line since but I think it goes something like "it is easier for an elephant to go thru the eye of the needle than a rich man". They can't be thinking about going to heaven. They couldn't be Hindus because Gita also teaches Karma. Reminds me of a song "tere jivan ka hai karmo say nata" from an 80's Bollywood movie "Karmyogi". Muslims, I really don't know what Koran says about stealing someone else's hard earned money. Well, even though I don't like Advani much because of BJP's ultra Hindu stance and their support of anti-Sikh activities by RSS, politics of divide and rule by instigating hatred based on religion, caste, gender and creed etc. But I do hope Advani presses on this issue and becomes successful in getting that money back for India, use it for education, research, and helping eliviate poverty and punish these people who steal from the poor by making them do the hardest labor for at least 20 to 30 years. The last sentence about $1,456 Billion in the story is really shocking. That is billion with a "B":

"The Swiss Banking Association was reported last year as stating that Indians had a whopping US $ 1,456 billion in secret accounts, which was more than the balance held by all other nationalities taken together. According to the report, Russians held US $470 billion, UK $ 390 billion and China $ 96 billion."


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