Monday, March 23, 2009

Goats R Us

My employer, a local transportation agency, just joined a green program which uses goats to control weeds and spring brush. I have seen these goats occasionally on the freeways as well. I think the state department also uses these for highways etc. One of the names stuck with me since it is similar to my blog. "Goats R US". Having grown up in Punjab, I thought to post this to share green ideas with fellow Punjabis to help people stay green and new business ideas. I think it is a great way to help farmers make money, help the environment and contribute to the green ideology by staying connected with nature. I thank all of the hard working farmers everywhere on this Earth who help feed millions. I know farming looks fun, but it is a back breaking work and most farmers everywhere including U.S. are debt ridden. Only the rich ones that can afford tractors, combines etc. and have political connections are making money. Anyways, check it out to helps one "Think Different!" when it comes to environment, making a living, and staying green!


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