Wednesday, May 6, 2009

India - The Nation of Rapists, Murderers and Criminals

As I was reading the news in Tribune today, the stories below got me to post and do a search in the Tribune for rape cases and justice denied to the countless victims on everyday basis. This is the emerging and developing India:

Rape victim goes missing Kulwinder SandhuTribune News Service
Moga, May 6District Magistrate (DM) of Moga Satwant Singh Johal has stated that the committee constituted by the SC commission comprise SAD MLA and Chief Parliamentary Secretary Sheetal Singh as one its members, which has forced him to apprise the commission of his inability to conduct the probe with him at a time when the elections are in progress.
The DM said he was the enforcing authority for the effective implementation of the model code of conduct of the elections; therefore, it was not possible for him to travel or sit with any political figure.
He said, “The district administration is very much concerned about the unfortunate incidents faced by the Dalit woman and wants to provide help for her medical care and rehabilitation”.
If the Election Commission granted permission to the committee to record the statement of the victim and conduct a probe, there was no point in delaying the sensitive issue.
Meanwhile, the SC commission has written a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer of Punjab seeking a clarification on the issue, the reply of which was still awaited.
The Dalit woman, who faced sexual harassment and acid attack on her, has been missing for the past couple of days.
Arvinder Kaur, daughter of the victim, said a head constable came to their house on May 2 and took away her mother. Since then, she had not returned.
“I have brought the matter to the notice of the local police in writing, but no efforts have been made to trace my mother”, she alleged.

Rape victim commits suicide at IG’s officeBijendra AhlawatTribune News Service
Rohtak, May 6In a shocking incident, a married woman and her husband “consumed” poison on the premises of the IG office here today. The woman identified as Alka died at the PGIMS here while her husband Sunil had been admitted to its ICU.
According to police sources, the couple had come to meet V Kamaraja, IG, here in the afternoon in connection with the case registered at Samalkha police station in Panipat district on June 20, 2008. The case was registered on the complaint of Alka against five men.
Alka’s father-in-law Roop Singh alleged that the couple was feeling traumatised and frustrated as the police had later cancelled the said FIR. The couple had been running from pillar to post for justice for about a year but in vain. The couple consumed some poisonous substance in front of the IG office in the afternoon.
Roop Singh said his grandchildren were present at Model Town police post when the incident took place. Alka’s body was later sent for post-mortem by the police. He alleged that the rape accused had been threatening and blackmailing Alka, as they had recorded the gang rape incident in a CD.

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A case in point is the one involving Punjab MLA Gaganjit Singh Barnala, who faces the charge of rape at the hands of his masseuse. - 42k - Cached - Similar pages

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