Tuesday, June 6, 2006

From Sikh Economy to Sikh Autonomy!

This is one of those subjects I haven’t heard or never seen talked about in the Sikh or Punjabi news media, either in print or on online. In my opinion Sikh economy should be on the top of the list of every Sikh man, woman and child as well as Sikh media, Sikh magazines, Sikh blogs and websites etc. Now I neither have a PHD in Economics like PM Manmohan Singh nor am I an accountant or a successful businessman, but I would think that all of us need to survive in this modern world of global economies, multinational companies etc. We are already in the ocean of maya, we might as well learn to swim in order to survive these strong currents. I would think that if everyone out of 20+ million of us starts supporting all of the Sikh ventures out there ranging from Sikh owned restaurants, Sikh movie makers, Sikh owned and operated stores, Sikh festivals, Sikh owned magazines, Sikh films, engineering companies, food products, books, and other products and services etc, Sikhs could build an economy equivalent to the size of country like Canada or Italy, state like California and stores like Walmart, and Kmart. I mean the possibilities and opportunities are just unlimited. The problem is that there are not very many Sikh owned companies and the money you and I are spending on non-Sikh products and services goes into the pockets of people that have no clue about who and what Sikhs are all about and would give the least attention to our struggles, concerns or problems. Yes, a Sikh executive may not care either for Sikh causes, but still chances are that he or she will be connected to Sikh life in some manner, thru relatives, or friends or Gurdwara etc. and would be affected. In this modern world of global economy, Sikhs need to go out there and support every Sikh owned and organized event, business and venture to make it a success so at least we can be more and more economically liberated and work towards a better Sikh economic autonomy. The future of Sikhi, your kids, grandkids depends upon you! Any Sikh economists or intellectuals out there, give us your insight. Dr. Singh if you are blogging!


Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...

Dr. Singh, if you are blogging...HAHA...you are funny Manjeet Singh ji.

But I see what you are talking about...I think of it sometimes, but not with the grand intentions that you have seen it from. Whenever I choose a Sikh/indian service over any other, (please pardon my saying so), but the quality of service is extrememly poor, not the quality of products. I am big on this whole shopping experience - I blv no business is worth supporting if they dont know how to treat customers - I guess cuz i have worked in customer service field for quite a while now. I know this cannot be generalized for all Sikh businesses, but its sad that "most" care the least about serving skills and customer relations.

In that case, even when you want to support such businesses, it only seems not worth your time and most importantly money!

1:00 AM, June 09, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

Hey! you never know these days! Politicians are pretty tech savvy these days, even though I would not call Dr. Singh a politician. Thanks!

11:32 AM, June 09, 2006  

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