Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sikh life - A singing life!

Every time I go to Gurdwara, I have noticed that only the ragis are the ones that sing shabads and majority of the people are pretty much quiet. I am also one of those people who just sits and just listens quietly. There is only one reason for this quietness in me; being ignorant of the raags that are being sung and not knowing of the words in the shabads. Also, there was not much encouragement early on either from the family. And historically the Granthis or raagis in the gurdwara don't really ask anyone to sing along a particular shabad. If there were a few lines being repeated, I could take part in the singing of the shabads and I think Gurdwara would be more enjoyable and fun experience for not only people like me but even the little kids to whom we are trying to instill Sikhi. Kids just love singing songs and it is amazing how much they remember and make it part of their life. I just wish one day, all Gurdwaras would help singing along with shabads because that is how Guru Granth Sahib is organized with various raags and Guru Nanak sang divine songs all the times. I understand I have to do my part in learning shabads, if I only knew which one would be sung ahead of time to give me time to prepare. Imagine how much more the Gurdwara experience would be! Sometimes, it feels like we are too serious in Gurdwaras and worry about what others think and it prevents us from fully coming out and experience Gurbani fully. Please remember this is just one viewpoint.


Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...


Interesting post. I sometimes get carried away and start singing out loud. And even thought people look at your like, hello! Let me concentrate in peace or whatever. I can focus best when I try to sing my best with vocalizing the lyrics at a moderately high pitch :)

One strategy for knowing the contents of shabads is by checking them out on web sites, or even better, doing your daily path. It's amazing to note how many shabads come from Asa Ki Vaar, Shabad Hazzare, Sukhmani Sahib, etc. - just the Nitnem. And once you develop an ear for them, it starts to add up and then listening to Kirtan and singing with it, just takes you to a very spiritual level :)

11:15 PM, May 27, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

I agree with the daily path and how it helps you learn so much about Sikhi, Gurmukhi etc. I am getting there, but at a slow pace though!

11:36 AM, June 09, 2006  
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