Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Girls top scorers in schools in India!

Here is a news story which is a very positive trend in India. With the recent women sex ratio decline, I only wish that their talent at work places was recognized more and there was less discrimination and more opportunities given to women in all fields. This also includes performing Kirtan at Darbar Sahib and having more women Granthi and Jathedarnia at Gurdwaras. Yes, it is really nice that they can perform kirtan at all other Gurdwaras, but why not Harmandir Sahib. I just don’t understand how some Sikh Gurdwaras are being allowed to be taken over by fanatics. If it is not checked, it won’t be far when Sikhs would be considered another religion like Islam that is run by a bunch of fanatics who discriminate against women. That will take standing up to Sikh value of equality of sexes as written in the Guru Granth Sahib by sangat members at local level, writing to the Jathedars again and again, writing to government leaders again and again. During my student days, I remember one of my professors mention in class that every year how most of his top students were women in many engineering classes. Then he added he only wished that there were more of them!



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