Thursday, August 17, 2006

Righteous Living!

Zoroastrian Teachings:

“Ideal are the thoughts, ideal the words, ideal the deeds of the Righteous Zarathushtra.Let the ever-living promulgators present the Gathas.Homage to the righteous Gathas!”

“Righteousness is the best good. It is radiant happiness. Radiant happiness comes to the person to whomrighteousness is for the sake of the best righteousness alone.”

Righteousness is the universal law that stands for order, evolution, progress, and perfection as ordained by the Creator for the creation. One becomes righteous by doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, and with the right means to obtain the right result. It means precision in every thought, words, and deed. It means constant improvement and continuous renovation. It brings enlightenment, true radiating happiness, provided that this happiness is shared with others. It then becomes righteousness for the sake of righteousness.
The above Avestan couplet frequently repeated in prayers, is popularly known by the name of 'Ashem Vohu', the two words in the beginning of the text. It is, in fact, the "main motto" of the entire Zarathushtrian teachings. Righteousness, the universal law of precision, is the basic principle of the Good Religion.

Zarathushtra conveniently divides mankind into two camps: Adherents of 'asha', righteousness. They are 'ashavan', the righteous who promotes the human society and the living world. Followers of 'druj', harmful lie, wrong. They are 'dregvant', the wrongful. The main mission of Zarathushtra and his companions is to promote 'asha' and to eliminate 'druj' -- to completely establish an 'ashavan' society that radiates 'ushtâ', enlightening happiness to all.

Pondering Points: Righteousness radiates health and happiness.

Note: Zarathustra is the person who seeks to bring in the new change, and introduce a complete departure from the past policy of senseless force and aggression. He is naturally chosen by the free living, rather the thinking world both as the Lord and the Leader.


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