Friday, August 18, 2006

How ready are Sikhs to show India the Khalsa way of life and why should India embrace Sikh way of life?

As I read the news of Sikhs protesting in London about Independence Day in India, all kinds of questions come to mind as to why some population of Sikhs are bent on creating Khalsitan and dividing India further? How valid is their claim? What does Guru Granth Sahib says about Khalistan? Then I read about Hindu right wing entities like RSS showing films claiming Sikhs as Hindus, installing Guru Granth Sahib in Hindu temples and all of their other aggressive ways to destroy Sikh identity. Why Indian government or the entities like RSS are bent on destroying Sikh identity, treating them as second class citizens since 1947 and not letting them enjoy religious liberties like everyone else? What is the big deal in saying Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism are different religions than Hinduism? I mean Jews seem to be okay with Christianity and Islam being separate religions and are not claiming them as Jews, even though they branched out of the Judaism. And, majority Christians don’t seem to be having problem with Jews either with exceptions like Mel Gibson. Also, I would think that Hindus would be more worried about their conversion to Christianity and Islam in India than Sikhism, Buddhism or Jainism given the brutal history they have had with Christian British and Islamic Moghul rulers and nature of those religions to force convert to their ways of life. Sikhs have had no history of forced conversions of anybody.

If it is the unity of India as a nation that Hindus are afraid of, I think India is underestimating the Sikh intelligence and does not fully understand Sikhism. Logic tells me India as a country would be further strengthened economically, socially, militarily, ethically, if more people of India all over follow Sikh ways of life and share rich Sikh values of hard work, righteous living, equality of sexes, military tradition, sharing, compassion towards humanity and not just Sikhs, faith in One Creator, healthier lifestyle, peaceful musical tradition. I mean that is what the modern India is striving for in long run anyways. With the current degradation of moral values thru Hollywood, Bollywood, sorry state of women, children, farmers, cancer of caste system, I think India with Sikh ways of life would be much better than where it is today. The only problem and question that comes to mind is how ready are people of India in adopting Sikh ways of life. I think it will happen given some time, since Hindu ways are not working currently. The second question is how ready are Sikhs willing to embrace people of India as a whole in stead of as separate Khalistan and show them the Sikh ways of life to make India a better place to live for all. If 50% of people of India become Sikhs in next 20 years, Sikhs would be that much closer in creating Khalsa Raj that Guru Gobind Singh has envisioned with 96 crore Khalsas. Both people of India and Sikhs need to realize that it is very easy to divide and tear something, but very hard to put together and unite. Plus, a united India would benefit all including Sikhs, Hindus, Jains and others. But a divided, all Sikhs, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists will fail. If people of India including Sikhs and Hindus do not realize this, India is digging its own grave by killing Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and their identities because history does repeat itself, and instead of becoming a developed country in 2020, India would be heading towards a biggest loser of this millennium.


Blogger Deep Singhson said...

that is a great article brother. I wish mpre Sikhs understood the contents of your article.

BTW I was reading GurMustuk Singhs Blog and reda that some friends of mine from Sikh Student Camp had been attacked. Who are these people? Do you know them?

8:56 AM, August 20, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

thanks ds! I don't know and posed the same question to Gurumustuk as well. I wish he would share more details as to who are these people, what and why do they think this way and act out in rage? If you ever find out, please let me know.

9:28 AM, August 21, 2006  
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