Monday, May 1, 2006

Is Hinduism in danger of losing conversion battle with Christianity, Islam and others? Are Buddhism and Sikhism winning global hearts and mind?

A while back I did a post on conversion tactics of Christian missionaries to convert people in Punjab. I just happened to run into following blog that pretty much has same story of Christian missionaries using money to convert Hindus in India. I think it must be a great time of stress for Hindus, since there is so much pressure from outside world, especially more Christianity and Islam. Even though Sikhs don't actively convert, but there seems to be a great number of Hindus that are influenced by teachings of Guru Granth Sahib, especially in Bihar and U.P. and even trasnlations of Guru Granth Sahib are underway in several Indian languages. Its funny that an English or Spanish or German translation is available now before an Indian language.

It just makes me question as to why people convert and how much spirituality does one have when they convert out of fear or for money? Let us say if some really right wing President takes over and secretly starts a forced mass conversion campaign of non-Christians such as Hindus, Sikhs or muslims in the U.S. or offers a million dollars each if they convert. You can not say it can not happen here, because history of native Indians and their treatment and conversion by Spanish explorers tells me otherwise. What would you do? Some people kill for even 100 dollars at a convenience store.

I have met a few missionaries that seem to have been so focused on China, India and now probably the Iraq, Afghanistan and rest of the Middle East? Is it a power or ego thing or a global control or really spreading of the message of Jesus? Why is the World following everything western from boring jeans and t-shirts, or be it suit and tie and leaving their traditions? Is it the fear of U.S. being the Super power or the global economic empire that America has created? Do bear in mind that these are just questions.

Since 9-11, I see the following sticker on cars everyday and several thoughts run thru my mind:

“God Bless America”

but God does not just bless countries with man made physical boundries, or people of one race or just humans and not animals. It blesses all creatures of the universe (at least in a Sikh way of thinking and following). America is a great country with a lot of financial opportunities if you are willing to learn its system and work hard. And you and I would not be here blogging because America started the internet and plus I live here. America’s global companies have a great impact on the people of the World and are shaping cultures, fashions, lifestyles of the World. But it does not mean that all of its power and money should be used to influence and buy people’s spirituality. But some Americans do interpret constitution as“Freedom of Christianity” instead of “Freedom of Religion”. Anyways, read and comment if you like: (I think the author should have titled it " Land of God, Grain and Gurus " instead) . Just kidding, I know the whole Universe belongs to God not just Punjab.!OpenDocument


Blogger Prabhu Singh said...

I've had to deal with Christian missionaries my whole life. They are pathetic. They think their way is better despite not knowing anything of your way.
I know their way to be inferior. I'm not saying the message of Jesus is inferior, I'm saying modern Evangilism (in my opinion) offers nothing to a truly religious person. When I encounter missionaries now, I see this fear in their eyes and it grows and grows when they talk to me. I have an education and often times know more about Christianity than they do. Also I have a universal approach to all, which can never be considered inferior. All their tactics are discrimination and fear based and when they speak to me, with a smile on my face, I reflect to them how ridiculous their propoganda is. They become dumbfounded because while being polite and logical, I've broken a part of their faith. I don't mean to break people's faith, I just want them to experience truth. Ek Ong Kar, nothing can break my faith in this or convince me of anything inferior to this.

12:27 PM, May 02, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

You have brought a really good point Prabhu Singh Ji. If a Sikh is true to his/her faith and understands and follows it with pure heart and mind, he/she can shatter any false beliefs, fears, cheating and other tactics. I wish there were more and more people that act and think like you as a Sikh, who were truthful, sincere, fearless and had complete faith in Sikh way of life. I think if a person is truthful and has complete faith, he/she would have the inner strength to confront it all, no matter what comes their way. It is not an easy thing to do, especially for people that try to follow some of the ridiculous social pressures, beliefs, and rituals that society or governments place or enforce upon them.

2:34 PM, May 02, 2006  
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