Thursday, October 26, 2006

What is time and how important is time to humans?

Well, with this day light savings time change coming this weekend in most of North America, I thought I would post something as to what is time anyways, why is it an important measure when it comes to philosophical, spiritual and religious nature of things? Does anyone know if Guru Nanak Sahib mentioned it anywhere in respect to space ( especially the Khands or Brahmands"? Is it a man made measure of things such as change of state of things, phenomena or process or a concept beyond humans? Why time is so important yet could be equally not important at all. Why do so many people in this World get janam patris (brith charts etc.), believe in astrlogical signs, go to astrologers, palmists, numerologists to predict events and try to change events? Not that I believe in any of those or against it, but the engineer in me wants to know and understand the who, why, what, where and when of it better. It seems so easy yet at the same time it is very difficult if you dig deeper. How do word like eternal, akaal, akahnd, infinity, aad, jugaad fit into this realm of things?


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