Friday, October 20, 2006

Clean Shaven Sikhs of Punjab! Don't worry, they will be back! They don't know what they are missing!

When I read the following news story about the growing trend in Punjab about Sikh families cutting their hair, I am not surprised and but at the same time I am not worried either. First thing is that a lot of Sikh parents haven't figured out how to instill Sikhi in kids at younger level. The reason being they don't practice it themselves. I now firmly believe that it has to start at home first. To give a personal example, my father wore a turban and had unshorn hair, did his Japji Sahib, Raihras Sahib and all. But at the same time, he also drank alcohol, use foul language, showed signs of hatred towards others, cheated, lied and probably did other bad things that I may not be aware of them. He never talked about Sikhism or what it stands for, or told stories of Sikh Gurus, shared Sikh history, or sang a Shabad or other things a normal Gursikh would do. I picked up the same habits whatever I saw in the house. I think same way, a lot of Punjabis tend to dictate Sikhi to kids and other people that want to learn instead of showing them the beautiful Sikh way of life, the good values of honesty, truthfulness in the form of "sach" or "Sat" which our Gurus emphasized for us to follow and practicsed it themselves, compassion and service to humanity in the form of seva, and most importantly simran without which living means nothing to a human being. When these gifts of Guru are missing in a person, how can he or she cherish the other gifts such as the five kakars. Secondly, it has to come with Waheguru's grace. If some ignorant like me can grow hair back and wear turban, anybody out there can whether they are Punjabi, Indian, American, Chinese, African, Canadian etc. because the life of alcohol, parties, drugs, sex etc. can never be an avenue to achieve salvation, only the sanctuary of a true Guru could save these lost people. Anyways, read and comment if you like.


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