Thursday, October 5, 2006

Those who divide! What is Khalistan anyways? I thought it was a place wherever Khalsa lives!

Here is an interesting site that has various flags, and information about aspirant people etc. Surprisingly, Khalistan is listed as part of India and with a variation of the one and only Sikh flag Nishan Sahib as flag of Khalistan. It sounds nice, but funny thing is, I don't see any Quebecans in Canada, Texans in America, Irish in England, Basques in Spain, Scotts, Tibetans, Baloch, Chechans and many others that are also aspiring peacefully or thru violence for autonomous controls. Another funny things is that none of the authors on the website are Sikhs or seem to have any idea of what Khalsa means and Sikhism and somehow have been just focussed on aspirant peoples of Japan and India. There must be a reason. But how can Khalsa or Khalsa Raj or Khalistan be compared to some culture, social class, custom, gender, heritage, caste, land etc? Those are just man made things and I would think would make part of maya that every Sikh is supposed to get bondage from.

So what is Khalistan? If we go by the definition that Khalistan is where Gurus went, preached, and showed so many lost souls the Sikh way to live then the whole India, Pakistan, Tibet, Iraq, Sri Lanka etc. should be part of Khalistan. But the word "Khalsitan" itself did not even exist till 1940's where as Sikhs have been praying for "Khalsa Raj" long before the word "Khalistan" was even invented. Growing up, all prayers I heard in Gurdwaras mentioned "Raj Karega Khalsa, aki Rahe na Koi" and never have I ever heard the mention of a piece of land called "Khalistan". The way Sikhism is growing all over the World, the definition of Khalistan as a little piece of land in Punjab in itself is losing meaning. Even if some super power creates a land called "Khalistan" for Sikhs like it happened to Jews, do you think Sikhs all over the World are going to pack up and start heading towards Punjab? What would happen to Sikhs in Europe, North America, Middle East, Thailand, Africa etc. ? I probably don't think the migration will happen at a very large scale even if it did. Looking at the current affairs in the World, I say Sikhs have a great opportunity to teach the whole World Khalsa way of life to bring peace and harmony. The prophecy of the Guru Gobind Singh for Khalsa Raj would have to be for the whole Universe and not just India or Pakistan in a purely Sikh perspective because the divine message of our great Gurus was not just meant for Punjabis or Indians or Canadians or Americans or Chinese or Africans etc. Actually looking at the spread of Sikhism all over the World, I think the closer we are to 96 Crore Khalsa, the peaceful and harmonius the World will become and a truly Khalsa Raj is not that far off. I say, this coming millinium may even belong to Sikhs!


Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...

What an interesting find!! And even after reading your post or others over/about it, i am unable to determine my ideology of it - I have no idea where my perspective about this situation lies. Or maybe I'm just too scared to figure it out anyways...

But thanks for sharing that seems informative at least when learning about other people and the challenges out there!

8:17 AM, October 06, 2006  
Blogger Prabhu Singh said...

I completely agree with your sentiments and have echoed them myself on several occasions.
Thanks for sharing.

2:40 PM, October 06, 2006  
Anonymous 1984baldeep said...

great blog, I always had hairs and will kepp them my whole life, but i havn't yet kept a beard.

The more I read about sikhism, the more my life has meaning, it's like a peace inside u that u get, but u also beome fearless without anger. U stand up for ur rights without alwasys been pissed off at the world. The sikh leaders are just stupid that they never able to spread sikhism.

11:11 AM, January 07, 2008  
Anonymous kiranbir singh said...

i dont know who has exactly written all this rubbish about khalistan.on the one hand he's talking bout spreading sikhism all over the world and on other hand he's asking dat he was confused bout the word khalistan.If he's lisening me then i want to tell him khalistan is that place where khalsa was born,where khalsa has its roots,where sikhism has its roots,from where sikhi arises,khalistan is the homeland of sikhs,khalistan is our identity, without khalistan we sikhs n sikhism have no values,and i want to ask that fuckin idiot who has written all this about khalistan dat why he was only confused with word KHALISTAN,why shouldnt this son of bitch is not confused with the word hindustan...motherfucker

7:03 PM, August 03, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your view point is valid. I, however, think Sikhi on the subcontinent does need something better than India. For instance, the discrimination of women and the caste system that haunts so many Indian Sikhs, would be much better fought against outside of an Indian context. Even Christianity which has no caste system ends up with caste distinctions in India with things like Brahmin churches and so on.

As well, today there is a movement to totally Hinduize Sikhism by extremist Hindus such as members of the RSS. Some things they have started doing are putting copies of the Guru Granth Sahib in Hindu temples alongside idols. They also commision art which depicts the Sikh Gurus sitting beside Hindu gods and goddesses and even things like Guru Nanak with a tika and a janeau though he refused to wear the janeau .They are rewriting history books, saying Banda Singh Bahadur was a Hindu named Banda Baraigi. They want langar changed to accommodate a Brahmin diet (no onions, etc.) and most recently called for the works of Moslem Bhagats to be taken out of the Guru Granth Sahib and also Moslem words for God such as Kudah or Allah. The RSS and its sister groups are very powerful and this year did not let Sikh people hold a protest against operation blue star for they have close links with government and are paramilitary and threaten violence and are behind the killings of ethnic minorities. In the states they rule, history is being rewritten about the minorities including Sikhs. Adolf Hitler is even praised in the textbooks of one state.

If Sikhs had a nation of their own, these things could never happen. Any people who are a minority and stateless are at the mercy of other peoples. That is why the Jews opted for Israel in the end even though for a long time Theodor Herzl, who had the vision for an independent Jewish state beginning in 1896 was ridiculed by Jewish leaders of the time. He actually died even before WW1. He though that a Jewish state was the only solution because he saw and heard mobs in France shouting things like "Death to Jews" after a Jew was falsely accused of treason to France. He was a wise man and saw this behaviour of the mobs as a symptom of a bigger problem. He just heard slogans and saw what was needed while Sikhs cannot see the problem even after hundreds of thousands dead and mobs actually going around killing Sikhs in cities across India wihout a single one of these killers brought to justice in 25 years.

11:48 PM, June 29, 2010  

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