Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sikho Sikhi Sikho! Sikh Life and State of Sikh Ethics

I just read the following news and started wondering about ethical ways of so many of Sikhs. I don’t even know if the word “Sikh” is proper to describe such people whose very acts and ways bring disgrace to community and are very controversial. And, my post is not to single out an individual or the Sikh community since very same acts happen within all other communities, religions, races and cultures.

The story I was reading was about Mr. Parkash Singh Badal accepting money from Indian Tobacco Company. I understand that he is a politician representing a political party and not a religious party, but his party also has so much influence on Sikh institutions and Jathedars that it is hard to draw line sometimes. I have also read how Chief Minister Amrinder Singh also is linked to liquor moghuls, corruption in Dubai and whatever else that we may not know. Then come the allegations of rape against Surjit Singh Barnala’s son, controversial land sale of Simranjit Mann’s son, and there are many other Sikh leaders like them that it is hard to tell who is telling the “truth” anymore. Aaah! The word “Truth”. Isn’t Sikhi Jeevan all about seeking “truth” and living a “truthful life”? I wonder if someone has done a research as to how many times the word “Sat”, “Sacha”, “satya”, appears in Guru Granth Sahib. And, yet so many of us fail the Guru in everyday actions of our life. If any of these Sikh leaders are amritdharis, it is even worse, because people like me look up to the Amritdharis as role models who are trying to get there as Sikhs of the Guru. I understand the Gurus are the ultimate role models, leaders, guides etc. and show us the right and truthful path and as Sikhs, we try to follow in their footsteps. But actions of elected leaders whom Sikhs trust with heart and mind affect the whole community.

when comes ordinary people like me, a lot of questions come to mind about ethics. Sometimes I wonder and question myself as to how truthful and righteous am I really living? How do I perform checks and balances on my actions in everyday life? And, where do I draw the line to the point of being ridiculous on some? I mean the possibilities are just endless. Same actions could be considered big or small depending on a point of view. How much of talking rude to kids or arguing with wife, or neighbor or flipping someone off or going over speed limit or speeding thru a red light or browsing thru internet at work or driving past a stranded person on a freeway is truthful living? Then, how about turbaned Sikhs owning and selling liquor, cigarettes, porn magazines and films, gambling in casinos and using that money for langars in Gurdwaras? How about the sevadaars accepting money from a liquor or a cigarette store owner for Akhand Path? How about cheating and lying on documents to immigrate to another country, lying about education credentials, lying to get government benefits, manipulations on tax returns and many others I can’t think off. I am not perfect either and probably guilty myself for some of them as well, unwillingly or unknowingly. But am I being too picky or serious to perform check and balance of my every action in daily life?

And, how about not taking Amrit for a fear of failure or better yet, taking one and then failing to keep commitment because of these checks and balances? Do I need to feel guilty about this that I may not be living a truthful life even if I take amrit? I don't think one should not take Amrit out of fear of not keeping committment but one definitely needs to keep in back of their mind, teh life of checks and balances of what may be ethical, righteous and truthful before and after making this committment. I may get away with cheating someone here, lying on education or whatever other bad actions that I may have done and not even know about but ultimately I have to account for all this in this or after life. I guess all anyone can do is to try with their best heart and right mind to the right things in life and leave the rest to Akal Purukh Waheguru! I guess deep down in heart, everyone of us knows what is wrong or right or truthful or controversial or unethical.


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