Friday, July 14, 2006

More Khalsa Camp Pictures!

Simran, Camran and Kiran

Pinata~ Making

Rattlesnake held by Parmatma Singh

Guru Fateh Misl breaking boards in Martial Arts Class

Gutka with Guru Jodha Singh Class!


Blogger SikhSpeak said...

Sounds like fun!!!!

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9:07 AM, July 15, 2006  
Blogger Sikhi Seeker said...

Wow...i bet you plan to frame the first pic of the three kids - it's so cute and sweet! And is it Vicky ji in the third pic? She looks delighted in that atmosphere. A big WoW! Lovely pictures!

1:43 PM, July 15, 2006  
Blogger SikhsRus said...

Yes, that is my wife Vicki. She enjoyed it as well. I like the picture of kids in turbans asw ell. This is the first time Simran , my daughter, wore it. She says she wants to start wearing it to school this fall. Knowing her I think she will enjoy wearing it. This was her first Sikh camp ever. I am glad she was able to go, experience, enjoy and learn about Sikh ways.

5:01 PM, July 15, 2006  
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